Friday, February 28, 2014

A Month of Instagram- February 2014

Somebody's pretty sleepy

The cuteness in this photo is beyond words

Me and Boodah in our many selfies

Hanging at Grand-dad's house

El Rey and La Reina ready for Valentines Day

Valentine's Dinner

Little editing magic

Me and Sofia looking great for dinner

My cousin showing off his pretty greens

Those little ladies I love!

That smile tho, Kearrah...

No words...

Me and El Rey chilling

Smile! You're living and God is great!

My love for this man is endless

Cutie with curls

Baby on the loose!

Sofia's bathtime selfie!

Hair is still growing strong and beautiful

Sofia ate a big girl meal at the buffet with us.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

To-Know-Me Tuesday: Favorite Movies- Round One

I'm not one of those people that go to a movie theater every time a movie comes out, but I do love movies. Who doesn't? There is a movie for everybody. In this To-Know-Me, it's all about ten of my favorite movies. Please believe there are a lot more than ten...but good thing there are future TKMTs to do.

1. Dirty Dancing- One of my all time favorites. I love the passionate romance between Baby and Johnny and of course the dancing. I also love Havana Nights just as much as the first one. 

2. Blade- This is an all time goodie for me. But I only love the first one. The second and third movies just seemed...forced to me. 

3. Rocky IV- Boxing, good music and that tension between the two fighters...greatness.

4. Step Up- All of the movies rock, though I'm not really too fond of the first one. That one was more romantic and while I'm all for romance, if I had to pick between that and dancing, dancing would be the winner.

5. Anna and the King- I saw this movie in high school and fell in love. With the story line and the romance that never happened with her and the King. Also a young Tom Felton! I didn't even realize it until after Harry Potter came out.

6. Chicago- OMG...when this movie came out I didn't even know what it was about! I watched it with my mom and the thought of  this musical as a movie was all I needed for it to win me over. That and the fact that Queen Latifah was in it.

7. Princess and the Frog- This one has three reasons. One is because it marked the first African American princess of Disney (Way to go, Disney!), two is because it wasn't computer generated like majority of them are now, just that classic Disney animation that we all love. Finally three and the best reason: I loved how Tiana didn't even marry another black person. She and Naveen reminded me of myself and Juan. 

8. Underworld- I'm all about the supernatural as long as it's not too gory a movie. Underworld was everything I wanted and then some. Even though they keep making movies that kind of stray from the storyline of the first two, I still love me some vampire/lycan fighting.

9. Dance with Me- I first saw Dance with Me with Vanessa Williams and Cheyenne when I was a preteen. FELL  IN LOVE. It was my favorite movie for a long time. So much so that I even started to know all the dance moves by heart. It's still a classic in my heart now, but you won't see me dancing it!

10. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring- I never read the books: they are probably a lot better than the movies are, but I think the movie must have done it justice. I was hooked on to the story of the hobbits and the dark lord. Not to mention Legolas and his sexy elfish self.

So there are the ten! What are yours! Link up and let us know!

Monday, February 24, 2014

What I'm Watching: Teen Wolf

I confess that I am a fan of the MTV Teen Wolf series. I started watching it last year and have caught up all the way to this other half of Season 3. (BTW: It's really irritating to me that all of the shows are starting to separate into two halves. Why can't we just have it the way it was...just one long season?)

I've watch the  first new episode and I have to say...I'm intrigued. The fact that Stiles is having problems reading is so freaky. Scott looks yummy and a half and I love that we are seeing more of his douchebag dad in this season so I can see Scott chewing him out for not being there. His mother is being awesome despite the fact that the human boy that she gave birth to now has fangs and claws and red eyes. She even helps him calm down when he is about to lose control of himself.

I think it's kind of weird how Lydia seems to be the calm one out of everybody this time around. She is always the one freaking out about something.

This new girl Kira seems cool so far...can't wait to see what happens between her and Scott because already he's losing control over her hotness obviously. Come on, True Alpha...get control already!

Time to watch the next episode...can't wait.

They See Me Rollin...

The Life Of Faith
Sometimes, Sofia gets a little stir crazy in the house. Here is the solution to that. She's too gangster to ride on this the normal way however... That hair tho...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Family Member Profile- Fatima

Fatima is my new sister-in-law who married Daniel on December 13th 2013. They were supposed to get married on his birthday but a harsh winter storm came through then so the courthouse wouldn't let them get the ceremony done.

Fatima as I have known her so far is a sweetheart. She's always helpful and kind and she loves spending time with Sofia.

Even though I've only known her for a little while, I think she is so awesome. She's a good mixture of culture, girliness, fun and toughness. She's sweet from the get go and then out of nowhere says things that just crack me up. She is fluent in Spanish like Juan is so she teaches me certain words that I get wrong or don't understand.

She loves good music and just being around family. But I know that she doesn't take crap from anybody, even her husband. She stands up for herself and also for me too. She knows Bianca and Ruben and Juan from a long time go and I love that because of that she just treats me like them. Like I'm not different at all.

Finally, now because of her, I'm going to be a aunt a second time! Yep, she and Daniel are already expecting their firstborn. Maybe I'm just mushy...but I love hearing stuff like that. I love knowing that she's going to go through the amazing journey of pregnancy just like I did. I wish nothing but happiness for Fatima and my brother-in-law and I know that our relationship as sisters is going to be stronger day by day.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Purchases to be made

Things That Need to be Done Right Away....
  • Get a new Chase bank account- done!
  • Get micro braids done- done!
  • New cell phone screen
  • Get paint for bedroom
  • Get Ls- done!
  • Get a new copy of marriage licence
  • Get new SS card and ID
  • Plane tickets to go to San Antonio- done!
Things For Me

  • New blue jeans (flared and bootcut)- done!
  • Avatar the Last Airbender Seasons 1 2 and 3-done!
  • New pajamas
  • New makeup
  • Repay Journal subscription
  • Change journal name to Bitzsoi
  • Get a new layout for this blog
  • Final Fantasy XIII- done!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

If I Were...

Reading around I saw this fun looking post from Lena B and you know I had to go for it! I love stuff like this where I can tell you more about myself. (NOPE...not big-headed at all :P)

A month. I'd be May
A country. Japan. It's wacky, fun and beautiful all at once
A time of day.  Noon. Food time is usually at this time 
A sea animal. Sea Lion
A direction. South. Warmer the better
A liquid.  Hot Cocoa
A gemstone.  Ruby
A tree.  No idea. I don't know about many trees...
A game.  I'd love to be the game Life
A famous painting.  the girl with the pearl earring. Somewhat plain with just a piece that can change my look instantly.
A flower.  I would be a tulip!
A kind of weather.  I'd be sunny summer day
A musical instrument.  I'd be drums
A piece of furniture.  Computer desk!
A color.  I'd be purple
A means of transportation.  I'd be a horse running free
An emotion.  I would be mixed emotions
A fruit.  I'd be a pineapple. 
A sound.  I'd be steady hip hop beat to keep people dancing.
A vehicle.  a Charger
A place. a dance studio
A taste.  I'd be cinnamon sugar
A scent.  Sweet Pea
An animal.  Lioness, for serious
A random object.  Book. I'd want people to read my story.
A body part.  I know it seems weird...but foot. That way I could dance.
A song.  I'd be "The Greatest Love of All."
An item of clothing.  I would want to be an ankle bracelet. You don't seem them a lot...but they are so purdy.

If you've already participated or decide to do a post of your own, link up to it in the comments!!

Working on Sleep and Money

Sofia has been going to sleep at a good time this whole week. Why is that? Because one...we've taken away her daily nap to see how she does at night time and then we have been stimulating her with going outside to play and also playing inside as well with games and dancing and cuddletime.

It seems to be working. She still likes to fight it from time to time, but nobody said this was going to be an easy journey to partake in. I still have to rock her to sleep but that's ok. I don't mind while she is still so young. Just as long as she stays asleep I'm good with it.

I know it's been a while since I have written daily but things have been a bit slow in my life not to mention I have had some horrible internet problems. The connection would go off and on and off and on and I was just so tired of reconnecting the modem and the router repeatedly

Finally somebody has come out and helped with the signal. It's still not completely fixed, but I haven't lost connection so far so if it's not broke don't fix it.

Juan and I filed our taxes. Thank you, Lord because we are in such  need of things it's not even funny. We are getting about 6800, which is pretty good. Now usually, I'm not a money hungry person but when you don't have the things you need or aren't able do normal things like getting your hair done or having more than one pair of gets you craving for something more. Out of the money we are getting back, I'll be getting 2000 that I'm completely happy with. I got the same amount last year too, but I had a debt with Social Security that took away more than half of it. I hated that but I loved it at the same time because it wiped the rest of my debt.

Some of the things that I will do when the money comes in is first off, close off my Wells Fargo account. I have been overdrafted by them for a long time, but the reason is they have a monthly fee and being unemployed, it's not like I have the money to pay that. So I will be finding a bank that's not so bad. My mom uses Chase and seeing as she's looking for a new job like me I figure I'll try there. Next I'll be getting my hair done because...DAMN. Yeah, it's that bad. Micro braids is what I'm working towards. Then I'll be getting my phone screen fixed and getting paint for our bedroom that hasn't been finished in a year! Ridic! After all of the important stuff gets done...then I'll focus on getting some good clothes and things for me and Sofia. We definitely need it. Maybe some new shirts for Juan too. We don't get good chances to feel good about ourselves by getting things.

Even with such a amount of can make a lot of happiness for us.

Let's hear it for good sleep at night and good money to spend!


Friday, February 14, 2014

A Day of Love with My Angel

via Pinterest
Even though Valentines Day fell on a Friday, my hubby took me out to dinner. I got all dressed up for him and then realized that what he decided to wear looked exactly like mine. That's kind of cute, right? Or just crazy tacky? I'm not sure but I loved him anyway. We then drove all the way to downtown to eat at Esperanza's. We have been eating at Esperanza's for years now and it's one of our go to spot for just us. We chatted and had a great time just catching up on things from our lives. It's hard to do that when life is hitting us hard all around, with jobs and parenting and bills. I'm glad we found this time to even go out. I know sometimes, things are difficult for us as spouses but we must be doing something right because here we are on Valentines Day, still going strong. I'm glad he's willing to still go down this sometimes rocky road with me. I love him very much.

Me and my twin who is also my lover who is also my...
husband? *goes to grab eraser for this caption*

Mmm...barbacoa. My fave.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's About That Time...Terrible Twos?

I have been noticing lately that my little princess has been starting to gain a personality and it's not favorable. Yes, I know that she's still not yet 2 (she will be in April), but still the hubs and I have agreed that we were going to be strict and discipline our children. I'm a good cuddle filled mom...but I am also that kind of mommy that doesn't stand for silliness. I'm more the stern one than Juan is and that's because she's his little girl. But I have a feeling that soon he'll be on my page too. She has been starting to give us looks and pinching and biting. Which is so weird because I have never done that to her and I don't think Juan has either. So we're going to have to get right on that and correct it before she decides to do it to another kid or an adult.

The only problem is, I don't want it to seem as if we are just hounding on her and making her feel ashamed. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing that. This is such a learning curve for both me and Juan. I grew up with discipline and I believe Juan has too.

Will we spank our children? The answer is yes...depending on what has been done. Like for example, I won't immediately spank Sofia if she comes to me with bad grades...probably not ever. That's the only thing I hated regarding that...I will make sure my child has the help she needs and not single her out.

I have been spanked and Juan has as well and it's just what we see fit as husband and wife and as parents. We will also use our firm voices and redirect our children to the right path.

First on the agenda for our little one is bringing her bedtime back to the right hour. She used to go to bed at 9:00 but then started to resist it, waking up and crying. I had read that sometimes 18 month old toddlers would do that so I just went with the flow, letting her stay up until Juan would go to sleep which was usually around 10 or 11. Yeah, I know...bad idea. So she was waking up later and her nap times would be later too.

So tonight...we have put her in the bed around 9:30 because we had visited my in laws. She's still fighting it but we'll get there and maybe we can all be happier. I just hope that things will be somewhat smooth sailing when she turns two. But if these past few days are an indicator...we have a battle ahead of us.

Parenthood is a journey...that's for sure.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

365 Character Questions- Aija's February


1. What is your character's favorite beverage?
Moscoto Wine

2. What is your character's least favorite food?
Tofu (which is what Hikaru is fond of cooking and eating)

3. What does the color blue make your character think of? How does it make him feel?
Oceans and skies- calms her down. There are times where seeing a kind of blue triggers memories of the night when she was taken away from her mom.

4. How does your character feel when he visits someone in the hospital (or other major medical facility)?
She pities them but tries to cheer them up

5. Has your character ever had surgery (or other major medical treatment)?
C-section during Natsuki’s birth

6. Does your character gamble? Is she/he good at it?
No, but she’s good at playing poker (Derrick taught her)

7. Does your character know how to swim?

8. How does your character feel about large bodies of water?
She feels fine about them. She loves looking at the ocean and riding ferry boats

9. Does your character have any phobias? What are they and how intense are they? How have they impacted his life?
Needles- it reminds her of her mother’s drug addition

10. What does the color purple make your character think of? How does it make him feel?
 I'll come back to this one.

11. Your character lies on his back on a summer day and looks up at the clouds. What images does he see in their shapes?
Most likely cats or dogs.

12. A terrible crime has been committed, and evidence points to your character's guilt. He didn't commit the crime, but he doesn't have an immediate way to prove it. What does he do?
She would probably cry at the unfairness of it all.

13. Your character witnesses a terrible crime being committed, and he sees the perpetrator's face. He also knows that the perpetrator has friends in high places. What does he do?
She would probably keep it to herself for safety reasons, but have the urge to tell Derrick.

14. Your character sees someone get hit by a car; they're still alive but obviously badly injured. No one else is nearby to help. What does he do?
Get out her car immediately to see if she can help in someway and at the same time, call Hikaru for advice.

15. What is your character's favorite piece of clothing?
It’s a three way tie between, heels, fancy lingerie and pearls

16. How does your character dress on a typical day?
On weekdays, it’s usually a business type of outfit with heels. Weekends consist of more casual clothing, she always has fancy underwear underneath it all.

17. What is your character's earliest clear memory?
Dancing and singing in a living room in front of family members that she can’t recall.

18. How well can your character defend himself in a fight? Has he ever had to?
Aija can fight pretty good with her fists if need be. She used to fight in high school with Nakya

19. Is your character introspective?
At times.

20. How opinionated is your character? Does he like to share those opinions with others or keep them to himself?
Aija can be very opinionated. She tries to give advice to help but not always.

21. Is your character confident or overconfident? Does he lack confidence?
Very confident. She doesn’t look down on herself and knows she’s trying her best in life.

22. What hobby or side interest is most important to your character?
Learning new cooking recipes, exercising, etiquette training

23. Open your character's wallet, purse, or briefcase. What do you find?
wallet, make up bag, pens, post its, compact mirror, car keys, gloves (winter), work badge.

24. Open up your character's drawers or wardrobe and describe what you find inside.
Drawers: Top- panties, lingerie. Second- pajamas, socks. Third- tees, halters. Fourth- Casual pants, jeans. Fifth- Karma’s clothing

25. What does your character's bedroom typically look like?
Brown or tan paint, white bedspread with lots of soft pillows on her queen sized bed, a few plants and flowers. white rug.

26. What style of furniture does your character prefer?
Comfortable sofas and chairs

27. What style of furniture would your character never purchase?
Grandfather clock

28. Your character moves into a new home. What's the first thing he buys for it?
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