Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend of FABU- Part Uno

We're that kind of family where we originally don't have stuff planned on the weekend. If something happens, it needs to be told in advance because we do things on the spur of the moment. One minute we could resting and the next we are up and about doing who knows what. This weekend was prime example. My uncle Louis called me on Friday and told me that my cousin Jessica was coming down to Ft. Worth for the weekend and that they were going to come and see me. Soon that plan turned to me going with him to see his sister, Charlotte.

So on Saturday, I got Sofia and myself ready to go, getting dolled up for everybody to see. They hadn't seen Sofia since she was a month or so old. We went over there, had conversation  and had a good time. Sofia connected with Louis the most, hanging all over him and even falling to sleep on him.

Testing self timer with Mommy

Beautiful day out today...and it was quite warm too. 

Aww...Sofi wants to come out too. Far be it for me to deprive her
of fresh air.

The beauty that is my Sofia

Off we go!
Louis, Charlotte and Omega

Jessica was caught off guard at first..but I got a good shot of her!

Concentrating hard on the phone

A close up of the moon

Outside fun and lovins with Jessie
I'm gonna get you....
That smile makes me melt...

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