Monday, January 20, 2014

Wedding Celebration Fun!

On Saturday night, we got glamoured up for my brother-in-law's wedding celebration. He and Fatima were married December 13th, but because of the ice storm that came on the day they were supposed to get married, they got married at the courthouse, but didn't have the reception afterwards. So that was on Saturday.

We got to the location; a ballroom for parties and immediately started having fun. Sofia got on that dance floor all by herself and started dancing to the music. I started taking pictures of Fatima and Chapo and the location. I figured if nobody else would do it, I would. I'm glad I did though because I took really good photos. I'm in love with them. We ate a barbecue like dinner which was delicious; I got seconds, and then the bride and groom started dancing. It's tradition for the bride and groom to dance with other couples of the family, so Juan danced with Fatima and I danced with Chapo.

The party went on and on, with dancing and food and cake. Sofia had a lot of fun except for the fact that there was this little girl that was the daughter of one of the staff. She was about Sofi's age and wanted to play with her, but Sofia wanted nothing of it. I felt so bad- Sofia has never been around babies her age because she's the youngest. The second oldest in my family is M'Kya and Eva who are both five. So that's who she likes to hang out with. She ended up pinching her which was a nono in my book. I got her and calmed her down a bit before letting her dance some more.

I got to spend some time with my hubby, who mostly danced with me the whole night. I love when we can dance together, it's so rare that we do. We are getting better at learning the dances, but I just adore when he gets me out on that dance floor. Sofia would dance us too.

She ended up dancing so much that she passed out asleep in Juan's arms and it was time to go home. I wish nothing but the best for Daniel and Fatima and I hope they have all six of the children they wish for.

Fatima and Chapo

The wedding cake

Fatima and her sister Maria

Sofi and her new tia

Yummy hubby

Me and Bianca take some selfies with my camera

I love my wifey!

Me, Fatima and Bianca- the ladies of the Ortiz sons.

Yummy food for energy!

My angel

The Mariachi band that came to perform

She's too cool to look at the camera...but not me!

My hubby and I looking our best

The blur that is Ruben

Sofia partying on the dance floor

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