Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Tunes- Blue

I instantly knew what song I wanted to pick for this: Blue by Beyonce. There are a couple of reasons. First off, it's Beyonce and her voice is always magnificence. I love the music in how it starts off slow, picks up with with a awesome beat and then ends slow.

Secondly, you get a nice sample of Blue Ivy at the end talking. She is adorbs! Gets my mommy heart going that is for sure! She's a couple months older than Sofia which makes me smile. She is a beautiful mixture of both of her parents but I definitely see Beyonce all in her.

Third and best reason: The lyrics are me and Sofia all the way. When times are hard or I'm depressed, she always finds a way to make me feel better; either by a nice cuddle or by making me laugh by something that she does. I just want to hold her and never let go; I'm so in love with her.

Tuesday Tunes-found here: http://www.withswallowswings.com/


  1. What a great song choice! I completely agree; little ones always find a way to make us feel better, and when we are going through hard times they know how to be our perfect little sidekicks. Thank you for sharing and linking up to my new linky! <3

    Erin @ www.withswallowswings.com

    1. Of course! I think it's an awesome linky. Music is love and moves life. Thank you for commenting!


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