Monday, January 27, 2014

To Pull the Plug or Not- A Tough Decision

I found out that there was a legal situation from the hospital that I used to work at. The situation was that there was a mother that was 14 weeks pregnant that had a blood clot to the brain and was proclaimed brain dead. The family wanted to take the mother off of life support, but the hospital said that it was against the law to because of the baby still inside of her. There was a huge fight between the hospital and the family and it resulted in a judge telling the hospital to pull the plug on the mother. The family won the case. Good for them...but it got me thinking.

What if it was me?

I guess it would have depended on certain things. Like the length of pregnancy. This woman was 14 weeks along...she still had a lot more pregnancy life time left to go. There was no way she could get good nutrients to the baby or prenatal vitamins. If it was me and I had died at that time with the baby inside me then yes, I would want Juan to take me off life support. It would have been a really hard time for that baby if not formed right.

Now...if I was lets say 8 or 9 months pregnant when this happened then I would want Juan to keep me alive for that time if the baby was alive, kicking and healthy. This I know for sure.

I'm so sorry for the family to have to go through all of that; to see their loved one just wasting away because of the baby they didn't know yet. I'm so sorry for the husband to have to deal with the horror of this situation. I just hope that they have the peace that they have been searching for though this.

It's amazing how life rough it is...and the pain it puts people through.

Simply amazing.

Here is more on the story: here

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  1. I think it's horrible with everything they had to deal with that on top of it all, they had to struggle with taking the problem to a judge to lay it all to rest. As if grieving wasn't hard enough.


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