Tuesday, January 28, 2014

To-Know-Me Tuesday: Favorite Foods- Round One

There is no doubt that I love food. I love to eat it...to study it...to smell it. I'm not too picky; there are few foods that I will absolutely not eat but other than that I am pretty much open. For this week's To-Know-Me, I'm going to list some of my favorite foods to eat. Because, come on...who doesn't love food and especially good food! If this list doesn't make you hungry...then I haven't done my job right.

1. Nachos: I love to eat either the nachos from Chillis with steak on top or Mucho Nachos from Taco Bueno. I also just like making some with ground beef, Velveta and tomatoes when I'm making some at home.

2. Salad: My whole family loves eating salads. My mom is known for eating her spinach salads with grapes and chicken. Me myself...I love either a simple green salad with chicken and cheese with ranch or even just one with cucumbers and tomatoes. At restaurants I usually eat club salads.

3.  Chicken Alfredo: This dish is quite possibly one of my all time favorites to chow down on! There is something about the creamy cheese sauce that just makes me squee happily. Add some chicken and I'm down! We eat this a lot at my house. The best restaurant one to me is the Seafood Alfredo at Olive Garden.

4. Pears: I only have a few favorite fruits and it's come a long way from my kiddy favorite, cherries. Now my all time favorite fruit are pears. At first I didn't really care what pears I ate, just as long as I had some. But starting in 2012, I started buying Bartlett pears and haven't turned back. They are the juiciest sweetest pears I've ever tasted, with just a hint of tang in them. They come in red and green but I'm more used to buying the green ones.

5. Ramen: This is something that everybody must have eaten at least once in their lifetime. If not...it's pretty yummy. I have eaten this since I can remember and I still love it just as much. My favorite flavors are Shrimp, Pork and Chicken. The rare ones I eat from time to time are Oriental and Creamy Chicken.

6. Cake: My top favorite food though tied with ramen. I love red velvet, vanilla, strawberry, funfetti...but my all time favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It reminds me of my Nanny who used to make it for us all the time. I like to make cakes at home now, but I have yet to learn how to make two layer cakes.

7. Barbacoa: I have to admit...before I met Juan I had no idea what the hell barbacoa even was. One time he took me to a Mexican marketplace and we ate from a food truck called Glory's. That was my first heavenly taste of the barbacoa along with my first taste of the drink Jarritos. Both were excellent and now I love love love it when either he or my in laws get me some.

8. Avocado: Along with barbacoa...I hadn't really eaten a lot of avocado before Juan either, but now we make it a part of our diets a lot. I love how buttery it tastes and how soft it feels. It's a bit messy to prepare and sometimes...it irritates my throat but still...can't eat Mexican foods without it.

9. Pancakes: Yes Yes and Yes...I could eat pancakes all day long if given the chance and not having the worry of being fat. My dad used to make pancakes all the time. I even craved pancakes when I was pregnant with Sofia. Even she loves them. That's my kid! In IHOP I always go for the New York Cheesecake Pancakes

10. Jack's Brunch Burger: My final one of this round of course has to be the fattiest burger around...but I love it so much. I'm quite fond of the munchie meals that come only at 9 and later at Jack and the Box and for a change of pace I got this burger. It was good...I'm all for breakfast burgers...but the thing that got me was that it was a burger...like beef with all the breakfast stuff...even hash brows. I still crave that thing sometimes!

Wow...all of these food have made me hungry and I haven't even eaten yet! For now I have to settle for spaghetti with sausage in it, but sooner or later I will have one of these! Anybody have any favorite foods to share? Link to them here! I can't wait to see what you guys love to chow down on!


  1. All of these look so good, but for some reason your description of that pear has me craving one!

  2. oh good! You really should try them...especially when they are soft and ripe!

  3. Dang, this list just made me hungry! My favorite foods are oatmeal, Luna Bars, and any fruit that's in season ...right now, it's oranges!

    1. I craved oranges when I was pregnant with Sofia but now it's like meh compared to my pears. Sofia loves them though.


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