Thursday, January 9, 2014

Take Two Progress

I have been so proud that I have written up to eleven chapters from scratch on this novel and I have NaNoWriMo to thank for that.

Take Two is a story that I have been writing in seasons. Spring is when Hikaru and Aija find out their feelings for each other and start a relationship and so far it's been a good start and a good read from what Mom and Courtney have read. I'm pleased with this season so far.

Summer...summer is another story. I waited for a long while to write on it; writers block hitting me really hard but recently I have started writing the first page or so for the season. Now this one is going to be about fathers. Aija father, Derrick will be coming down to visit her in Seattle, while Hikaru's father Ryutaro is starting to get more suspicious about who is distracting his son so much that he is changing traditions. This will test Aija and Hikaru's relationship, but I'm not too sure to what extent. Do I want them to break up for a bit? Do I want them just to have a really bad blow up and have really hot sex afterwards? Like I said, I'm not sure and I hope that something pops up in my mind sooner or later because I really want to finish this book. This one...I know I want to publish.

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