Saturday, January 25, 2014

Something Snapped Session #1- Eric Phillips

Look at this beauty of a pic! It's on one of many that I took of my cousin Eric yesterday afternoon. I have been wanting to build up a portfolio before I start getting my feet on the ground for the business and Eric happily agreed to be my model of sorts. We went to downtown Fort Worth to get some photos taken and he was a natural at poses. I barely had to tell him pose anywhere! The pics turned out amazing and it really boosted up my courage to keep going at this. He was happy with them too and wants to get some printed out. I'm like "Yeah! Let's do it!"

Now today I'm going to be taking pictures of my brother in law Ruben with his girlfriend Bianca. It's my first time taking couples pictures so we'll be doing it at a baseball field as they both love baseball. I have some ideas in my brain but we'll see how it goes. If I can keep at this...Something Snapped can become a reality.

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