Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Snoring Troubles

I woke up to Juan climbing back in the bed at 7 in the morning and confused, I asked if everything was ok. He was silent at first before saying, "Are you going out today? An appointment?" I said that I was unsure because I have a dental appointment and an appointment with my therapist too. But I didn't' know what days. I asked him why then and he said, "You were snoring really loud through your nose. You haven't done that before when we first started going together." Of course I was embarrassed; what woman wants to know that she's sawing a log so loud that her husband wakes up. I was surprised that Sofia didn't wake up...well I take that back. That girl could sleep through a tornado, Lord forbid. Then in a low move, I told him that he was quite a snorer too and that he didn't do that either. I wasn't going to let all the embarrassment be on me. He was silent and I just sat in the bed; afraid to fall back asleep. I didn't want to be the reason why he wasn't sleeping. He had work to do.

So from what he says, I'm just breathing really hard through my nose. Like really hard. Sofia does the same thing but we've both been sick lately. She's been coughing and I've had a really stuffy nose and allergies. I guess it's past time to fix this. Maybe I should go and see a ENT doctor to see what's going on because my sinuses have been bothering me a lot more lately and he's right, I've never been a snorer like this. My mother thinks it's because I don't get enough sleep. She is most likely right; I'm quite an night owl. Either way...this needs to stop for both of us. It won't be fair for me to fix my snoring and him not fix his.

I refuse to let snoring get the best of me. Wish me luck with this...

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