Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Kingdom is Sickly...

It has been nothing but coughing and sneezing and runny noses here in our house for the past two weeks. The pollen of the mountain cedar is going all around North Texas and it's driving me, Sofia and my mom crazy!

I'm so tired of the itchy eyes, ears and throat and so tired of wiping Sofia's constantly runny nose over and over all day long.

I've tried everything for her: Benedryl, Claritin, Hylands...but nothing is working. I might have to call her pediatrician and see what she can do for her to give her some relief. As for me, I need to get some Allegra. Something that will keep me awake and still battle my allergies.

My mom is worse than me...with her asthma and all. She's been coughing a lot more than both of us. But it's running it's course. Juan is starting to get more the allergies are bothering him now. Blegh...I can't wait for this allergy season to go away. Give us some relief!


  1. A lot of ppl get bad allergies here in the California Valley as well ...we have a lot of farmland so there's a lot of dust, pollen, ect. The old timers SWEAR by this but I don't get allergies bad enough to try it myself. They say to buy LOCAL honey and to eat a tablespoon EVERY SINGLE DAY. Some put it in there tea, in the cereal or just take it like medicine on a spoon. But they CLAIM that if you do this that over time you body accumulates to your surrounding bc you've ingested all the pollen and everything through the local honey? It's worth a shot? ...and yummy :) haha In the mean time, I hope you all feel better.

    1. My mom swears by a lot of stuff like that...I have yet to try them out. Maybe because I just wanted to see the result of them. Maybe one day I'll bite the bullet and try different home remedies.

    2. and thank you for the well wishes, Stevie!


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