Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Learning a Second Language is Hard to Do...

I have been trying for years and years to learn Spanish. Books, flash cards, workbooks, you named it I got it. Ever since I had started dating fact, he was the one who started teaching me. Before him I had never wanted to learn or even in high school wanted to take a class. But working at a hospital, there were load and loads of Hispanic people around and a lot who didn't understand English. So that's what prompted me at first, but then after dating Juan for a couple of weeks, I found out that my mother in law didn't speak it much either. So that gave me even more incentive. Fast forward years and my drive for learning Spanish dwindled. Most of the reason was drama related, but we won't go and open that can of worms.

Now Juan and I realize that we both have problems regarding languages. He is weak with his English and I am very weak with my Spanish. So we have both agreed to start learning more. Right now we are learning by doing a app called Duolingo. Best app by far! It teaches us like a game. If we mess something up we lose hearts. We lose all the hearts, then we have to start all over from the beginning. There are parts in the lesson were we even have to speak into the mic to make sure we say it right. I have finished a couple of lessons so far and Juan just started his Spanish to English lessons on it today. So far he's doing great. I hope this really helps us to do what we need to start off with in learning our languages the right way

Because really, language is what makes the world go around. Yes, there are certain languages for a country that need to to be spoken, but while that person struggling is learning, why not make it easier for them as well by learning their language also? It's a two way street. I would love to talk better to all of my familia especially my mother in law. I feel that once I do know better Spanish we can get a lot closer. This language barrier is killing us.

So...wish me luck in my journey of learning Spanish! I'm going to need it!

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