Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How the Royal Family Began...

Once upon a time...there was little ol' me. I stayed with my mother in her one story apartment and was just starting a new job at a hospital as a Patient Transporter. I moved out of her house and into my dad's house where there was more space. So I didn't have a life of my own just yet nor a guy in my life and I really didn't expect to have one. At work though, I started catching the eyes of a few guys but it didn't really work out with them. Also my co-workers were trying hard to play matchmaker for me-irritating but it really didn't matter. Juan was also in my department as a transporter. 

I met him while I was being trained by a co-worker and he was training another new employee as well. We said our hellos but didn't really say anything else. I remember seeing him one time while we were all just waiting for jobs and saw him chatting with his friend Efren. I was then blown away by his beautiful smile. It was big and wide and just full of happiness. That was the first attraction I had toward him but it didn't grow just yet. Now in the hospital, there were a lot of Hispanic people that we had to drop off and pick up, so there was quite a language barrier. So I decided to ask Juan to teach me to speak Spanish so that it would be easier to talk to the patients. He immediately said yes and we started our lessons. It was hilarious because he would say a sentence and I would be like "Huh? Say wut now?" cause he would say it so fast or he would say something else and I would say "What does it start with?" times. The first sentence he taught me was "necisito un guante grande." which translated to "I need a large glove." Yes, random...but I was happy I even said it!

As I would learn more words, I found myself hanging out more and more with this cool dude and knew I was falling for him, but at the time he was kind of talking to somebody so I didn't really push it. Also he was quiet person and I was so afraid of rejection. I mean...I was so close to writing one of those school type of notes that said, "Do you like me? Check yes or no." I also grabbed his number. I made it seem like it was for more Spanish lessons, but it was really to talk to him more. To this day Juan tells me it was a smooth move. :P

It was after he appeared in my dream that I knew that I liked him for real. So while at work I told a co-worker of mine, Eboni that I liked Juan. You know what she did? Set him and I up on a blind date...except she told me about it. So of course I had to tell him. It just seemed more fair that way. 

So we ended up having a great date at Chilli's and he came to my family's talent show. We afterwards started going on more and more dates. Our first kiss was like something out of middle school, I but I didn't care. It was greatness! He asked me to be his girlfriend on January 1, 2010. A fresh new relationship for a new year is what he wanted. I accepted and on that same day met the awesome family that would be my inlaws. I had always been so interested in the Hispanic culture and so with them, I was submerged in it. It was great and he was amazing. We would go out and with that learn so much more about each other and our lives. I introduced him to different foods and places and he showed me different spanish foods and areas. I was so in love with him.

The first picture we took as a couple.

We even decided to go out of the country together for vacation. We went to Jamaica for my 25th birthday. A big step for both of us because we had never been to another country before. He took care of all expenses and all we had to do was pay for gifts and food. I had never had a man do that for me before.

We spent the majority of the time in hotels (out of respect really...I lived with my dad and he lived with his parents so we didn't want to have private time there) and it got to the point were we were seeing each other all the time. Weekends and whatnot. I was already planning on leaving my hell hole of a home and asked Angel if he wanted to move in together. It took some persuasion but finally he agreed.

We moved into our first apartment together on the 5th of November. It was an awesome journey really. We got to learn more about each other, our likes and dislikes, we pissed each other off from time to time but all in all we loved living in our apartment. People were starting to ask though about where our future was taking us. If we were getting married. We really didn't know; we were together living in the apartment more than 6 months so practically in the state of TX we were married anyway. But it didn't feel the same as actually getting the papers!

Well, in August 2011, I quit my job because I had a feeling that I was pregnant. I didn't want to stress out if that were the case. It turns out that I was and because of that, Angel decided that he wanted to find a house. We knew we couldn't live in a apartment and save up money to buy a house, so his parents graciously allowed us to move back in with them until we got our path together.

We decided to get married and tied the knot on November 4, 2011. I was four months pregnant with Sofia but was still a beautiful bride. It was a small ceremony at the courthouse and a small get together at the house with his family and mine. Hopefully in the future we can have a huge vow renewal and that will be the wedding I always wanted.

It's a challenge...being married, but I wouldn't want to take it with any other man.

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