Friday, January 10, 2014

Family Member Profile- Courtney

Name: Courtney Elizabeth
Crew of Funkadelics Name: Daisi
Birthdate: August 19th
Relationship to Me: My 3rd Cousin

Another person I babysat when they were little is my cousin Courtney. Courtney I can truly say is the purest and the most lovely lady I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is the youngest out of the West family, having just graduated from high school last spring. She goes to Abilene Christian University and has a major in Nursing.

She has a huge heart and a awesome personality. She and I are always close and when we have family get togethers, we are usually found sitting together with Kalyn with us. We are the three girl cousin group. If anything, Courtney is a big lady of the Lord. She grew up in church and went to the church school as well as her brothers. She lives her life the way God wants her to  and that makes me so proud.

I love everything about this girl: she has beautiful hazel eyes and long NATURAL hair. She definitely gets her beauty from her mother and her voice as well. Who ever ends up with Courtney as their soulmate is a lucky man.

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