Wednesday, January 15, 2014

365 Character Questions: Aija's January


1. What does your character's name mean to her?
Not much. She like the way it’s spelled but that’s about it.

2. It's January second. Where is your character today and what is she doing?
Most likely she’s inside her house because she’s not fond of the cold. She is putting down her Christmas tree and decorations and getting more decorations for inside. She is also changing the sheets in her bedroom.

3. If your character could change one physical detail about herself, what would it be?
Her nose. She can’t stand how long it is.

4. Describe your character's hairstyle in detail. Why did she choose it? How much does she care about it?
Aija always has her hair done and more often than not it’s down and flowing with curls here and there. She thinks that way she looks more sexy and stylish. She cares for her hair a lot.

5. What is your character's favorite physical activity?
Jogging. She goes jogging with Hikaru and the dogs every morning.

6. When was the last time your character climbed a tree? Why and under what circumstances? If she has never climbed one, why not?
Aija has never climbed a tree. She never felt the urge to and would rather feel safe than sorry.

7. Your character comes face-to-face with her worst enemy. What is her first reaction?
She would probably mean mug her/him.

8. What is your character's least favorite physical activity?
Moving into a new place.

9. What is your character's favorite weather?
Sunny and slightly warm with a cooling breeze.

10. What is your character's favorite season?

11. Your character keeps a photo album of memories from her lifetime. If she could only keep one photo, what would it depict?
A picture of her and Derrick right after he adopted her.

12. Does your character keep any pets?
Yes, a Yorkshire terrier named Karma. She fosters a stray kitten for a little while too.

13. A very large centipede runs across your character's leg. What does she do?
She screams really loud, scrambling to kick the centipede away. Then after that, she runs for the nearest shoe or bug spray

14. What does your character eat for breakfast?
A bran muffin, fresh fruit sometimes with eggs and some kind of coffee.

15. What is your character's least favorite weather?
Snowing or anything that has to do with cold.

16. What is your character's fondest childhood memory?
Going on vacation with Derrick and the family

17. What is your character's favorite piece of artwork?
Gazelle art piece by Stephanie Fizer Coleman
Describe any pieces of artwork found in your character's home or office.
Usually art with flowers are on her desk at work.

18. What is your character's least favorite season?

19. Someone asks your character to describe her family. How does she answer?
Derrick- her daddy; very protective of her because of her past. Many various aunts and uncles but her favorite Evelyn is her role model. No mother-and she likes it that way.

20. Is your character a morning person, a night owl, or something else entirely?
Morning owl mostly, but she has her days where she stays up

21. What is your character's least favorite color?

22. What does the color orange make your character think of? How does it make her feel?
Festive-citrusy. Make her happy to see it in places.

23. Your character walks into her home and sees blood on the floor. What is her first reaction or thought?
Is Hikaru or Karma injured?

24. Describe the outside of your character's home.
A long hallway connected with stairways and across the hall is Hikaru’s condo

25. Describe a typical birthday for your character.
Usually does nothing until night. during the day, Aija gets a phone call from Derrick and Evelyn. At night goes to a club with Shae and the others and then hot sex later that night from Hikaru.

26. What mythological figure best personifies your character?
Not sure yet... 

27. What is your character's least favorite animal?
Any kind of bug

28. A law enforcement officer stops your character for a minor violation. How does she react?
She would be disappointed but would respect the officer.

29. What does the color red make your character think of? How does it make her feel?
spicy/zesty. She feels bold wearing it…but at times when she sees red, it triggers the memory of her mom being taken away in a cop car.

30. A stranger makes a crude comment to your character. How does she react?
Depends on the comment. If it’s extreme, courtesy gets thrown out the window and beware: Aija can be very potty mouthed.

31. What is your character's favorite animal?

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