Sunday, December 1, 2013

Talent Show Countdown: 20 days to go...

Yesterday was rehearsal saturday for the Crew of Funkadelics. I was glad to see everybody cause it had been two weeks since the last rehearsal and I wanted to see if they remembered anything. They did and I was so proud. We finally got Beat It down and we just need to refine them up. I have a feeling everything will work out...maybe I'll even feel better enough to move with them in the acts. I'm not going to let an overian cyst get me down.

I'm so proud of these guys. They try their best to get the routines down even though they are such big goofballs. They really make my day or not depending on when rehearsal is.

I still need to work on Thrift Shop with my mom and aunt. That's the only routine I don't really have all the way down. But that's cause my mom hasn't even finished thinking it up. Once I have that down, I'll be set  for the Talent Show.

Here's hoping!

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