Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Joys

Christmas was in a word: AWESOME. At least it was for Sofia! This little princess got everything under the sun and then some. We first had a small get-together at our house. My mom, aunt, grandmother and cousins came over to open some presents and stockings. We at some nachos and watched Christmas movies. Sofia was happy with her gifts she got from them and so was I. I got some make up and nail polish and a Bath and Body Works gift card. I was happy that I got it because I had been wanting some lotion really bad.

Then we went back to Juan's parents house because they celebrate Christmas on the 24th instead of the 25th. His brothers Ruben and Daniel were there and so were their ladies, Bianca and Fatima along with Fatima's sister, Maria. We ate good food and took some pictures trying to pass the time to midnight when we would open presents.  I took some Instagram pictures, getting silly and telling them to give me their best gangsta face. Hilarity ensued and I was happy to be spending time with all of them. Even though towards midnight, I was getting tired. Sofia was having a blast, dancing around with her tios and tias.
(l to r): Fatima, Bianca, Brittney, Sofia and Maria

The Ortiz ladies

Ruben and me

Daniel and me

Me and my wifey
My baby attempting his gangsta look

There is no need for attempting here.

After we got home and I got some Mommy/ Daddy time with my love, we woke up around 7 am on Christmas because we had to meet up with my family for breakfast. Every Christmastime we go to IHOP with my whole family to eat and this time my dad was joining us. So I wanted to make sure Sofia opened her gifts before we left. She did and spent a little bit of time playing with them. We ate at IHOP and then came back home. I was so exhausted and took a 2 hour nap or was it 1? I'm not sure. All I know is that it wasn't long enough. Sofia and I got changed into our dresses and we went to Lori's house to eat and watch the talent show that we performed. It was great as usual and so was the food. All in all it was a wonderful time.

Here is the list of what la princesa got for her presents:
-Big Hugs Elmo
-LOL Elmo
-A play kitchen
-electronic 4 wheeler
-ABC Dinosaur
-See and Say
-Play food
-Coloring Book
-Shoes and slippers

Like I said...she got everything under the sun. But that's ok...cause she deserves it.

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