Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Month of Instagram- December 2013

Sofia snuck a selfie on my phone

My little winter baby

She's my little reindeer too!

I love my girls!

My and my brand new sis-in-law, Fatima

Christmas Eve kisses for El Rey!

Courtney and I at a debutante ball rehearsal

New Years Eve kisses!

The Royal Vault || 2013

It's a whole new year, folks! Which in the Ortiz Kingdom means it's time to open our Royal Vault to put in our memories of 2013 that once again didn't disappoint us in fun, drama and family togetherness. Feel free to follow along as we reminisce this past year...

2013 || January

~ We celebrated the new year in style at a party at Kortni and Bal's house. Sofia was most likely the only baby there (as seen in the middle of the bunch) but she was able to hang with the big folks until midnight.

~ El Rey and I went to a quinceanera with Bianca and Ruben. Good food, good music and good dancing!

~ La Princesa turned nine months old!

 ~ I reunited and reconciled with my dad after a year and some months.

~ El Rey had a party for his 28th birthday

2013 || February

~ Sofia was a part of her first Super Bowl party

~ La Princesa turned ten months old

~ I got a new hairstyle

2013 || March

~ My mother moved in with us in our house. She's staying in Sofia's room.

~ The first St. Paddy's day for Sofia

~ La Princesa turned eleven months old

~ I went to a Girls Night Out with my mother and family

~ Sofia's first Easter

2013 || April

~ We went to a fellow friend's party for her little girl, Emily who also was turning one.

~ Sofia's first tutu photoshoot for her birthday

~ La Princesa turned a whole year old! A day at the Ft. Worth Zoo was in order

~ Sofia had her 1st birthday party.

2013 || May

~ Ehren visited Texas from Tennessee and stayed at our house for a week.

~ We had breakfast at IHOP for Mother's Day.

2013 || June

~ We went to Celebrate Ft. Worth and saw an exciting fireworks show.

2013 || July

~ Celebrated 4th of July 2013 with Ehren and Jessica and saw fireworks downtown.

~ I turned 28

~ Mom, my aunt, Sofia and myself left Texas for our family reunion in Arizona.

2013 || August

~ The Clemons Family Reunion in Scottsdale, Arizona

~ My sister Alisha had a baby shower for her upcoming little girl

2013 || September

~ I traveled to Burnett, Texas for a day with my dad and uncle to see Jessie perform with her drill team.

2013 || October

~ Our niece Anastasia Camelle Raye was born

~ Fatima had her wedding shower at my in laws house.

~ Halloween 2013

2013 || November

~ El Rey and I celebrated two years together!

~ The cutest sleepover happened...

~ Thanksgiving 2013 was at our house again. I made baked macaroni and cheese.

2013 || December

~ Sofia's Christmas photo session.

~ It snowed!

~ We had our 24th Family Talent Show.

~ Daniel and Fatima were married! It was only at the courthouse but I hear there is going to be a reception like party next month.

~ We celebrated Christmas on the 24th...

~ ...and on the 25th!

and that...was 2013 in the Ortiz Kingdom.

I'm ready to go out there and experience all that 2014 has to offer me. How about ya'll? Let's do this!

*Closes the Royal Vault, locks it and waves*

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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