Saturday, November 30, 2013

Girls Night Out!

I had a rare chance to go out with my mother and her friends at Razoos for some really tasty Mudslides and crawfish fondue. It was a good time!

A Month of Instagram- November 2013

Only this princess can make drinking a sippy cup
look fashionable

Ready for the anniversary!

Result of tater tot casserole

Sofia ready for a cold night ride

Caught El Rey off guard...

Ah..that's a better one.


Sofia has gotten this couch lounging down.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Cutest Sleepover Ever

Is this not the sweetest pic? These three truly adore each other and if you can't see that then I don't know how to help you out, truly! Kearrah and M'Kya came over to our house and spent the night; they do that from time to time and every single time, Sofia gets so excited and never leaves their sides. I smile from ear to ear just watching them all together having fun playing with toys or watching movies and cartoons together.

You see, Sofia has known these two since birth. Kearrah has always been around her; feeding her bottles, holding her and even changing dirty diapers with M'Kya so very close by. So to her, these two aren't only like cousins, they are like her sisters in a way. There are even times where Sofia will see a little girl who looks just like Kearrah and she will go straight to her to hug her. I always have to catch her and correct her on who it is before apologizing to the confused looking child. But it just proves how much my little princesa loves her cousin. M'Kya is still getting to that point but Sofia loves spending time with her as well.

Back to the sleepover- So the next morning, I got some breakfast for all three and let them watch some television. Everything was so quiet and when I went to see what was going on, I found this adorable scene:

Yep, those are kiddie robes those girls are sporting. Their momma doesn't
play when comes to fashion!


I got this photo and let them get back to their cousin time while I played around on my computer. It was so comforting and brought back memories of how Audia and I used to be together like that watching cartoons and playing. We were always together as children and even though we're not now, our kid like spirits lay in our children and as long as I can, I will keep them together as a family. We need family even more than ever as things get more and more crazy in the world.

Though now that I think about it, I probably won't have to work to do that; they'll want to keep together themselves. Their bond proves that.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Royal Couple's 2nd Anniversary

Can it be that we have made it to our 2nd year in marriage? Wow, we must be doing something right! Tonight we went out to dinner as we always do on our anniversary so this post won't be the longest but I did want to share something that I found on my facebook notes. This was when we first started getting serious in our relationship. I had fallen so deep in love with El Rey around that time and I just couldn't help but share just how much love I had for him. Now that I read it, I have to smile because the feelings are just the same, give or take some things have changed for him. Just as I couldn't help but share then...I just can't help but to share this list with you all in the spirit of the two years of love that we have so far.

Us in 2010

Things I Love About My Man

1. I love his calm laid back personality
2. I love his light brown eyes
3. I love how he sleeps on his stomach constantly.
4. I love the sound of his laughter
5. I love how he raises his eyebrow all slow like
6. I love his caring heart
7. I love his beautiful wide smile
8. I love how sometimes when we are walking together, we have the same footsteps
9. I love when he sticks his tongue out at me
10. I love how he is with my sister, Alisha
11. I love how he goes to any length to make me happy
12. I love wrapping my hands around his arms
13. I love when he kisses me softly
14. I love when he speaks to me in Spanish
15. I love how he is such a hard worker
16. I love putting my fingers through his hair
17. I love caressing his face
18. I love the look he gives me when he passes me in the hallway at work.
19. I love when he worries about me not getting enough rest.
20. I love that he loves me enough to forgive me for things
21. I love that he understands my mood swings
22. I love how he tries to cheer me up
23. I love his truck
24. I love when he calls me "Chiquita"
25. I love when he says he's a angel
26. I love how he doesn't mind when I talk about the future
27. I love holding his hands anywhere
28. I love showing him new things and vice versa
29. I love to love him...
30. I love that he loves me too

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Month of Instagram- October 2013

El Rey and I

If this doesn't signal toddlerhood I don't know what will

Making creamy burrito casserole

The cheesy result!

Diaper pile? Kid, what will you think of next?

The beauty that is mi princesa

Princess of smirks

Mommy and Sofia chilling after a long day

Anywhere she's comfy, I guess...

We're kitties for Halloween

Thing One and Thing Two were spotted during
Trick or Treating!

A quick royal family photo

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