Monday, October 7, 2013

Welcome, Little Anastasia!

Anastasia Camelle Raye Parris
October 7, 2013
8lbs 1oz

Today I've become a aunt for the first time! My younger sister, Alisha gave birth to a beautiful little girl via C-section and I couldn't be more happy for her. Anastasia or Annie is the newest little one to the family and she boosts Sofia up from being the youngest by a year and six months. After finding out on FB and text that she was born, Juan, Sofia and I went to the hospital to see our new family member. 

Annie was born in the same hospital that Sofia was: Harris Methodist Southwest and coincedently Ahly was roomed in the room right next to the one I was in when la princesa was staying for those three days. Juan and I just couldn't stop thinking about how amazing that was. When we were able to come into the room to see the new family, we were immediately overwhelmed; there was so many people in her room and I wondered if Alisha had even had a minute of quiet to herself. But she seemed ok and even though she was groggy from her surgery, she was able to greet us and even was able to hug Sofia when she saw her.

I was able to hold my niece and when I did I was just in love. She was a little smushed up beauty. 

I can't wait for Sofia and Annie to be able to play together and to have cousin chats like Jessica and I did or how Audia and I were as kids. Times have changed and family just isn't as close as I remember but maybe just maybe if we put the effort in, it doesn't have to be different. One can only hope. 

Our own little family in the room.
I send my love and congrats to my sister and her lovely family. Motherhood is the greatest and I know she's going to learn that firsthand. 

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