Thursday, October 17, 2013


What takes my breath away? I would say something like this picture, but that's so cliche nowadays. Seeing it in person, would be more of a realistic possibility but since I'm nowhere near going on vacation to the mountains then I'll just speak the truth.

For serious, a good TV show or story can take the breath away from this lady. I love a show that either reveals a surprise character, plot twist or a good cliffhanger. Like Scandal. My goodness that show right there is a mind twister. It really makes you think about the what ifs in life. What if our government is really that twisted and deadly? Not that I think about that on a daily basis, but when I'm watching that show, I do.

Other than that, maybe Sofia nearly hurting herself can take away some breath from these lungs. She's such a daredevil sometimes without meaning to be. I need as much breath as I can get with this little princess.

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