Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dancing in Havana

I love a variety of movies and have seen a vast majority of them in my lifetime. One of my all time favorites has been Dirty Dancing. I love movies with dancing and romance so it was up my alley. After a bit of time passed though, I was introduced to a new version of it: Havana Nights.

Oh, my word... In love.

Always the dancing is my fave but the fact that it was in a different country with a new couple and a very sizzling hot lead male just took the cake. I was sold the moment I watched it. I didn't see it in the theaters; I hadn't really known about it then but when I saw it...*sighs dreamily*

It's about a girl who comes to Cuba with her family. It's a world she's never known before but when she meets the busboy of her hotel, she falls for his charm and enters a competition to help him out. At least, that's what I believe the story is about. I might need to watch it again just to make sure *enter gleeful smile here*

I need to be a stand in for this scene. I'm sure Katy won't mind.

I absorbed all there was to this. I learned the songs, I learned the dance movies and even shamelessly did them in whatever living room I was in. I love learning salsa moves and I even hope I get to do more ballroom dancing in my future. This movie has made me want to so much more.

 If you guys haven't seen this movie then I recommend you do. Is it as great as the first Dirty Dancing? No way! But it has it's own style that makes it worthwhile!

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