Monday, September 30, 2013

A Month of Instagram- September 2013

Hasn't really kicked in that she could see the TV better
with out that table in the way.

Me and Jessie at one of her football games.

I traveled three hours to see the Highlandettes!

Sofia learning to look at more books

Just a selfie.

My sleeping beauty

Sofia's first Nikes

Sick and sleepy munchkin.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dancing in Havana

I love a variety of movies and have seen a vast majority of them in my lifetime. One of my all time favorites has been Dirty Dancing. I love movies with dancing and romance so it was up my alley. After a bit of time passed though, I was introduced to a new version of it: Havana Nights.

Oh, my word... In love.

Always the dancing is my fave but the fact that it was in a different country with a new couple and a very sizzling hot lead male just took the cake. I was sold the moment I watched it. I didn't see it in the theaters; I hadn't really known about it then but when I saw it...*sighs dreamily*

It's about a girl who comes to Cuba with her family. It's a world she's never known before but when she meets the busboy of her hotel, she falls for his charm and enters a competition to help him out. At least, that's what I believe the story is about. I might need to watch it again just to make sure *enter gleeful smile here*

I need to be a stand in for this scene. I'm sure Katy won't mind.

I absorbed all there was to this. I learned the songs, I learned the dance movies and even shamelessly did them in whatever living room I was in. I love learning salsa moves and I even hope I get to do more ballroom dancing in my future. This movie has made me want to so much more.

 If you guys haven't seen this movie then I recommend you do. Is it as great as the first Dirty Dancing? No way! But it has it's own style that makes it worthwhile!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Writer Wednesday-Turning Point

Hearts on Fire- Turning Point


Ren looked up seeing Carrie and Ty standing quietly in front of him, holding hands. "Daddy, Ty has something he wants to say to you." Ren looked over at Ty in question as Xandra and Dy came inside to see what was going on. Ty smiled at Carrie before looking at her father and saying, "Mr. Simmons, I would love to have your daughter Carrie's hand in marriage. I would like to be a part of your family."

Carrie smiled at Ty's statement, looking up at him with the deep everlasting love that she hand in her heart for him. Dy smiled at the two of them and Xandra even managed a small smirk, but from the silence that lingered after, all 3 women looked over at their father for his answer.

Ren looked at Ty intensely and Ty stared back, shifting his weight uncomfortably. Ren then chuckled deep. "Boy, you are a dumb ass fool." Ty frowned and Carrie's mouth fell open in shock. Ren continued, "You are a dumb ass fool! There is no way in hell that I would let you ever put your nasty filty hands on my daughter!" The silence after his outburst was thick. After seeing Ty's anguished expression, Carrie looked at her father in confusion.

"Daddy! Why are you talking to him like that?"

"Why? Are you blind, girl?"

Carrie was bewildered. "Blind?"

"You must be to not see the color of that cracker."

Pain shot through Carrie's heart like a bullet as the words drifted through her ears. "Did I just hear that right? Did I just hear those words come from your mouth?" Her father nodded. "I sure did! I got lots more too!" Carrie's ringlets hit her face as she shook her head in disbelief.

Ren then stood up slowly and came closer to the young couple. Ty instinctively tightened his grip on Carrie's arm in protection, which Ren didn't fail to notice. His dark brown eyes snapped dangerously. "Oh! You think you need to protect her from me, you little bastard?"

Ty tried his best to be brave, holding his head up high as he said calmly, "I don't want to have conflict, Mr. Simmons. But I want you to know that I will protect Caroline at any costs and I do want to marry her." He hoped those words would help sooth the fire. But it was quite the opposite. Ren was seeing red and words had not reason at the time. "No! Hell no! I forbid her to marry you!"

A distraught Carrie started to speak, "No, Dadd-"But Ty gave her shoulder a pat of reassurance before saying, "With all due respect, Mr. Simmons...Caroline is a grown woman and should have the right to marry whomever she chooses without permission from you."

"Is that right?"

Ren clenched his hands into fists as Carrie agreed, "Yes...he's right, Daddy. We just came here to get your blessing on us getting married. We didn't come to start trouble."

Ren had to take a few deep breaths, closing his eyes and when he opened them after a while, and the couple in front of him was still there and staring back at him, he had to reassure himself that it wasn't a nightmare. Xandra had come up behind him, holding on to his arm gently and that was too much reality for him. He wrenched his arm away from his daughter as he roared, "No! No, dammit! You ain't marrying my daughter, you cracker asshole! You ain't worth her time or mine. Now, take your disgusting ass back to the plantation you live on and leave my family alone! There won't be no damn blessing nowhere!"

Tyler growled deeply now; all the insults and slurs taking its toll on him and he walked towards Ren saying, "Now you get something straight, Lorenzo." Ren's scowl was incensed as Ty continued, being held back by Carrie's hands. "I've been giving you respect, but obviously you can't be man enough to give it back. I don't know what you've seen or heard, but I'm not from a damn plantation and no matter what you say to hurt me, I'm not leaving your daughter's side."

"You think you're not, but you will once I beat your ass clean away from it!" Ren shouted as he pushed Ty on his chest with both hands, ignoring the desperate exclamations from his daughters. Carrie walked up to her father fearlessly and pushed him slightly back.

"Daddy! Daddy, stop now! What in the Lord's good world has gotten into you?"

Ren looked down in shock at his daughter. "You gonna take this snow boy over your own family, Caroline? The family that took care of you?"

Carrie ignored him and rushed over to Ty who was still frowning and breathing hard. "Ty...Tyler..." Carrie called out, trying to bring the attention of her fiancé back to her. Finally the soft cooling sensation of her hands brought him out of his anger filled haze and to her with a questionable gaze. "Yes, baby?"

"Just go and start the car, okay?"

Ty nodded against her hands and after looking at Carrie's father, looked over at her sisters-still staring in distress and grimaced saying, "I'm very sorry about this, ladies." Dyana and Xandra were both silent and Ty turned to walk out the front door. After watching him leave, Carrie turned to stare at the monster she was sure had to be her father.

Ren crossed his arms with waves of authority sweeping over him. "You didn't answer my question, young lady. Are you gonna take that man's side over your own family?" Ren stared at the daughter that looked so much like the woman that deserted him and his daughters and awaited her answer.

Carrie didn't mind not gracing him with one as she turned and walked toward the front door. Her father rushed up behind her grabbing her arm in a light yet firm grip, exclaiming, "Caroline! You get back here!" Carrie wrenched out of her father's hand, snapping back, "No, Daddy! You don't get to touch me!" Ren backed up in astonishment and Carrie's eyes sparked like hazel firecrackers as she said, "What the hell do you think you were doing? Whose damn life do you think this is about?"

Ren's facial expression softened as he said, "You know what the hell I've been through, Caroline! All that time of segregation, riots and all that civil rights marching and you know what it's done to me. How it's changed me and what do you do? You go and try to marry one of those honkies! What the hell were you thinking? Did you even think about me at all?"

Carrie's anger grew but she backed up toward the door. Ren held his hands out to stop her. "You know you can do better, Carrie. Marry a nice black man who can take care of you..."

Carrie's one finger stopped his speech. "I'm going to ask again, Daddy. Whose damn life do you think this is about? Yours? Cause let me tell you something else-that man doesn't have to be black to take care of me. He did a damn fine job looking after me when you didn't have the time to be there."

"You knew I was busy."

"Yeah. Too busy for me."

Ren looked back over at his two other daughters to see if they agreed and when he heard silence, his eyebrows furrowed again in fury. "Now you look here, little girl. You stop all this nonsense and leave that"

Carrie smiled at her sisters lovingly before looking back at her father bold. She knew there was no turning back. "That's not going to happen Daddy. You can either accept us or not, cause I love that man and I'm not leaving him."

Ren was silent; his emotions boiling at the surface. Carrie nodded as she turned toward the door. "I guess I got my answer. Thank you for your support, Daddy." Beyond angry at the way this was going, Ren said one final sentence in warning, "You walk out that door, Caroline...and don't you even bother coming back."

Dy and Xandra gasped in surprise. Carrie's spine stiffened and despite the chill coming up the vertebrae, she turned-tears brimming her eyes and yelled out, "You don't have to worry about anything when it comes to me, Daddy! I'm not your little girl anymore and I can take care of my own damn self! Don't you call me, don't you send letters, don't you do nothing that has to do with me! I'm done being your daughter and you won't ever have to see me again!"

At that exclamation, Ren's eyes widened in surprise and Carrie forcefully pushed the screen door open, never looking back at the house she knew so well and had loved so much. She looked up into the truck at Tyler's comforting and supportive green eyes and knew her life was going to carry on regardless.

Carrie got in the vehicle and as soon as she felt Ty's hand grip hers, Carrie collapsed in his arms sobbing out, "I'm...I'm so sorry..." Ty held on to his woman, rubbing her arms to comfort her. "No...No, honey. I'm sorry you had to go through that." His hand pulled her chin up and when her tearful eyes met his, he declared, "I promise you, Carrie...I will take care of you. I will be anything you want, baby. I will be your heart, I will be your shield...and I will be your only family if you need me to be."

Carrie sniffed and Ty kissed her, saying, " I love you." Carrie smiled slowly as he said "We are going to survive this. We're going to get our ranch and we're going to get your horse and we're going to live-happily."

Carrie nodded and Ty released her , putting the car into drive. "Come on, sweetheart. Let's go live our lives." Carrie beamed, wondering how she got so lucky to have this man in her life. "Yes, let's." Before the couple drove off, Carrie turned, seeing Dy staring at her from her window. She knew she would have to talk to her first before she left. Looking down, she saw her father standing on the porch with his arms crossed; his face in his permanent scowl. Carrie whispered, "Goodbye, Daddy." before she turned back around, wiping the tear off her cheek.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Drool Worthy Foods

As told by Tumblr

All of this food makes my stomach rumble like Homer Simpson up in here.

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