Thursday, August 1, 2013

Clemons Family Reunion 2013- Day 1

After stopping in New Mexico for the night, we stayed at hotel where I had the most uncomfortable sleep ever. I mean really...sleeping in a full size bed with Mom and Sofia was not the best idea. But we made it through.

The next morning, we had a great filling breakfast and Sofia was being a ham of course! Kim and Mom and I were just laughing at her cute faces and how she chatted the whole time. That's my child! Then it was off to the car again to drive a couple more hours to Scottsdale. Sofia got some sleep-but that was mostly because of the Benedryl. I didn't want to risk more motion sickness on the way over. She did great and woke up at a pretty good time too to see some mountains and trains. It was so lovely.

We finally arrived to our destination, the Firesky Resort which was in one word: FABULOUS! I had only seen one other resort in my lifetime that could match it or even surpass it and that was the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World. The decorations were beautiful and it really distracted from the fact that even inside the building, the weather was stifling hot. I had never felt heat like this and I live in Texas for crying out loud! After waiting and watching movies in the lobby, we finally were able to go to our lovely room. I shared a room with Mom and Sofia, who had a pack and play to sleep in.

We washed up and changed (much to Sofia's disappointment) and after taking a very hot and sweaty walk to get lunch, went to the meet and greet so that we could reunite with our family members. It was disappointing to not see my cousins from Texas there; they all had work and other arrangements, but it was good to see some others that I hadn't seen since the reunion in California. At the end of the first day everything was done and we were able to at last get some good make up sleep from the drive over here.

Onward to Day 2!

Fuzzy pics of a night party animal staying up too late

That ponytail is love...

That sleepy princess

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