Friday, August 2, 2013

Clemons Family Reunion 2013- Day 2

After a good rest over the night, we woke up for another day in Scottsdale. The three of us ladies got ready and we looked our best if I say so myself.  This day wasn't really all that eventful however. The activities that were planned were for older kids or adults so Sofia and I hung back at the hotel until it was time for the barbecue planned later that evening. All day long we hung out either at the mall or in the lobby at the hotel. I got to see my great grandmother, Elizabeth who is 94 years old. 94! Wow and she looks good too!

We had the greatest time at the park though on the way there with my aunt and uncle and cousin, we saw a car accident where the car was on fire. We sped out of the way before something could explode; terror all on our faces. But all was well at the park. There was a park where a carousel and train were working. Then we danced to some music and got some snow cones. It was fun for Sofia too! She got to swing on the swing set for the first time and got to play a little bit with a football.

Woah, this one is  kind of blurry!

Sofi and my mommy

Mom and my younger cousin, Harrison

My beautiful great grandmother.

The park we were at

On the way to the train and carousel

Swing time!

She hasn't gotten the hang of how to swing yet

What's dis?

Loving the football!

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