Friday, July 5, 2013

Bit and BiBi: Our Dream Weddings

She'll probably kill me for using this picture...

This is my wifey Bianca. Most of you have heard of her...others not so much. But in a nutshell..she is the BOMB DIGGITY x 10,000. Today I have posted her here because she's in some ways like me like she is a dreamer like me. Dreamer of what? Having the wedding of her dreams to my brother in law, Ruben. Yes, I know that I'm already married but hey, I could go for a vow renewal with everything I wanted. So scanning our pinterest boards here are some ideas that I've found and that she has found also for our dream weddings.

My Dream Wedding

My dream dress...I love that pinned up ruffle look

A candle to remember my Nanny and my cousin Chris. Also
to remember Juan's Abuelito and Abuelita

I already know my family is going to be dancing their asses
off! So these would be perfect for those sore feet.

When it happens I'm not sure how many kids will be at our renewal
but since Sofia and my cousins will be there, this would be great for them!

Yep, definite cake topper! Fits our little family just right.

A photo of my parents like this would be cool, but I'm
sure they would be more comfortable standing side to side
instead of holding hands.

A picture of Sofia and I like this
Coronas for us? Or maybe even Jarritos!

Bianca's Dream Wedding
*As my wifey isn't here with me at the moment, these are just pics without captions! Still good ideas tho!

As you can we have different ideas, but still we both have some pretty beautiful dreams to fulfill when the time comes! What is your dream wedding?

My Pinterest Wedding Board
Bianca's Pinterest Wedding Board

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