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Writer Wednesday- America 2078

Soramerica- America 2078

America is not the same.


It's nowhere near the land of the free, home of the brave that you all remember. No, it hasn't been that way for a bunch of years now.

For that was when the population started dying out. Dying from an unknown illness. The illness was very potent as the bodies of the infected began to waste away at a rapid speed. No...not even wasted; more like melting away or disappearing. Who knew nowadays? It was hard to detect even under the microscope and so was named The Translucence.

It was definitely an epidemic spreading around worldwide and everywhere was chaos. The illness claimed a lot of lives and it changed every thing that America stood for once the President succumbed to it's path of death. Then the Vice President took over only to share a similar fate.

Riots enraged across the leaderless country. Didn't last long however as population waned by the day from the illness. We never seemed to catch a break until...

A man named James Corrigan and his group of scientists came into the picture, claiming to have a cure. Americans lined up to the man immediately claiming him as the new President of the United States. Nobody could go against them as most of the senate and the cabinet were gone. Corrigan seemed to be the man everybody loved and his scientists were impressively intelligent; showing plans of a floating city in the sky and what everybody was waiting for: the so called cure.

But there as a downside...

Only people with certain genes and blood types could have the cure. Americans were quite confused when they were told that; they believed that they would finally be free from the Translucence once and for all. The lead scientist, Professor Robert Gideon announced that the disease was protean: reacting differently to some forms of genes and blood and needed to be treated accordingly. He said they were currently working on a new cure. He said that 10 years ago however and there were still no change for the ones who didn't have the chosen genes or blood. It was suspicious to some...

It was clear that the floating city meant more to them than healing us and it was constructed and up in the air soon after the announcement. The so called city of the sky soon became a country all it's own that was called "Soramerica" It flourished; the chosen ones living lavishly up in the houses and mansions made on top of it.

The land of America itself died...

It was now a shell. A decaying shell filled with disease, famine and other nightmares. We all lost hope and wondered what would be next in store for our bad luck.

Corrigan didn't keep us waiting. He finally showed his true side to us, proclaiming that he was the key to life on Old America and that he was now the Emperor of both countries. There would be a new way of life and new rules. If you wanted to live, you had to abide by his rules-no matter what. Everybody below Soramerica was pretty much salvageable as the illness could take them at anytime. People now live in slums and struggled to live. Corrigan kept watch over us at all times with his formidable army; didn't want to have a mutiny on his hands. We all had id bracelets-hi tech bracelets that with anybody that had a scanner to read what family we belonged to, our general information and more important, if we had the Translucence.

Men were basically bums, even if they tried to make business...they could only make so much money as the Emperor wanted a gigantic tax from who ever had businesses. Children and teenagers still went to school but only learned whatever the Emperor's scholars wanted them to learn.

Women definitely were not respected any longer. They had a bad effect with the disease and died out more than men and children. As so, they were defined as worthless in peoples eyes. In order for them to survive, they had had to live by three different ways.

1. Some women in attempt to keep the population from going instinct, had sex with any kind of man to be pregnant and have children. The risk of STDs became much higher but it did keep our humanity alive.

2. Women were now seen as game and could be captured and collared. Most of them were captured and now used as sex slaves or just slaves period. Young girls were also captured but were used just as house slaves for either Old or Soramerica.

3. A new classification for females was made and with the recent approval from the sick minded Emperor Corrigan, women and girls were captured and made into brutal fighting machines. They were made to fight in streets and cages and were extremely valuable. They were formidable as long as they were injected with stamina serum that kept them fighting as long as it was working. It was not rare to seem them as part time sex slaves but it was not the norm.

So like I said...America is not what you remember, we are not free and we are not brave and it's not going to change anytime soon. I would know because I'm a fighter and have seen everything from the past 24 years.

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