Thursday, June 6, 2013

Letters from the Queen: Dear 18...

Dear Future Queen...

You are in high school still, but I want to take this time to give you some advice about your future. You are going to have to get on the ball and learn how to drive. Your parents can't do everything for you and you won't be able to drive until you are 30! Trust! So find someone who can help you drive or study up more than you have been. It's going to suck not being able to drive and relying on people to drive you everywhere.

Also, you need to start taking your medication for your depression. I know that you are worried that you aren't the same as everybody you go to school with. You're aren't. But that's ok! You have so much going on with your life that is positive that it doesn't matter how different you are. Your difference is your gift in life. Embrace it as much as you can.

All your senior year you have been wondering if you will be able to have a family with the man you are currently with. He's not the one...but there is a man who God will put into your life. He will sweep you off your feet, he will challenge you and he will be the one to give you the family you want so badly. My advice to you is: DON'T RUSH anything...let it flow and be happy together.

My is going to happen whether you like it or not. Death is going to keep happening whether you like it or not and you will be fine. It's going to hurt, but you are going to be able to go on in life. Just try to keep close with whatever family you have left and live your life happily. The people who are gone from your life would probably want you to do so.

In ending this letter to you...I want you to know that I'm proud of you. Proud that you are in your last year of high school and graduating. Proud that you are drug free, child free, sex free...meh, I won't go that far. LOL. But if nobody tells you that pride...then I'm happy to do so. Keep it up!

With all my 27 year old love,

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