Monday, June 3, 2013

Etsy Favorites

I have only gotten one purchase from Etsy and I have to say I was pretty amazed by the website when I bought Sofia's tutu for her birthday. So looking back when I felt I had some time, I felt giddy with excitement when I saw some of the items for sale there and instantly could think of ways those items could be used in my house or life. There isn't much, but I wanted to share with you all some of my faves!

via CustomShowerCurtains
I could use this for our master bathroom. Might mean the bathroom walls might be changed to a blue like the bedroom. Who knows? Maybe just a white color is fine.

via WinneDegin
I had something like this in mind for Sofia's bedroom. A tree with butterflies as leaves. I dunno...butterflies and Sofia go together for me. Not sure why, but it fits.

via MakeItStickDesigns
Now this! As many people there are in our families...this would excellent in remembering birthdays! If there are different styles of this I'd probably go a different route than the one pictured and put some names on the little circles below the months, but this is my favorite in the list.

Things are tight so I won't be buying these anytime in the future...but it's always nice to dream, right?

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