Saturday, June 1, 2013

Celebrate Fort Worth with the Ortiz Familia

Today the Ortiz royal family was invited to go to a music and fireworks show in Downtown Fort Worth called Celebrate Fort Worth. My mom's best friend works for the city and was able to give us the details. So we packed up the heavy duty stroller for Sofia and headed out.

When we got there we were able to have a seat ground level on a blanket. It was quite a wait for the show to begin so we took some selfies to pass the time.

The show started a few moment afterwards and we were treated to a few concerts and songs. The best part about it all was the fact that fireworks went off as the music played. If anybody knows me then they know that I'm a huge fan of fireworks so this was right up my alley. Sofia was ok with them but she was really distracted with everything and every one around her. Maybe another time, huh Kidlet?
The whole experience made me proud of my city and my state. I can't see myself in a another one!

via Fort Worth Architecture by Brian Luenser, one of my fave photographers

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