Sunday, June 30, 2013

Month of Instagram- June 2013

The scenery at Celebrate Fort Worth

La Reina y El Rey

La Princesa

La Reina y La Princesa

One of the Valedictorians in our family

Sofia? Sofia? Where are you, kidlet?

Oh there you are!

Getting ready to make pancake squares
The end result!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's That Time Again...

Family reunion time is almost around the corner. In 2009 when I posted about it, it was in Ontario, CA. This year it's going to be in Scottsdale, AZ. I'm excited to see what has been going with people and especially to see my cousin Norma and her baby girl Lola. She and Sofia are the same age. So I'm happy to see them interact. Angel will be coming with us as well and I'm so excited because I want him to meet my family. Money is going to be tight...but hopefully we can work it out.

Wow...a whole trip to Arizona with 8 people. Why 8? Well...we have my mom, my aunt, my cousin Audia and her two daughters Kearrah and M'Kya and me, Juan and Sofia. Phew...that makes me overwhelmed just thinking about it. But hopefully it will be fine. Especially with 4 drivers. Should be a smooth ride save for the youngest person there. Sofia is pretty cool about riding in her car seat. We'll see how it all goes.

In other news, my mother is now living in our house. With her being sick and all...she had left her job and then couldn't pay her stuff. So being her loving daughter, I offered my house to her as she had did to me and Juan. I admit, the transitioning was hard. It went from Sofia having her own room, to sharing with my mom, to her moving back into our room. With my aspergers...all that changing was so hard. There was a lot of stress. But now things are finally settling down. She's getting on her feet...slowly but surely.

Things with me and Juan are good. We're not fighting as much as we used to. It's almost like we are starting to understand each other. He knows how I am and I know how he is. I guess that's what people mean when they say that the 1st year of marriage is the hardest. I still love him and he is still my best friend. I just hope things stay smooth like this between us.

Sofia day with her is an adventure now. She's so smart and getting so big. She still doesn't know a whole lot of words. Mostly "thank you" "mama" "yes" "hello?" while the rest is just a bunch of chattering jibber. She's known now for shutting the door and trapping herself in a room and also known for touching every single piece of electronic there is. She's our sunshine.

Whoo! Time to go and turn the air on! Texas isn't playing today!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Writer Wednesday- Life in Relic City

Soramerica-Life in Relic City

As Julien drives away in his limo, I get into another with Bas and drive off away from CombatZone. As we drive into the main core of Relic City, I look outside. Still the same old scenery; shabby buildings and dusty streets. People all looking like the same hobo and looking like life was just over. Hell, maybe it was. I look up at the main TV screen in the middle of the circle, seeing the results of my fight. My eyes widen as I watch the finishing blow with my claws that I gave the man I fought against. No doubt he was either dead or in critical condition and for some reason, the thought doesn’t even tug at my heartstrings.

It was either him or me and survival told me to choose me.

That was how it was now because nobody gave a shit about anybody else anymore. Especially women. It was extra hard for us because of the disease. We had to make a name for ourselves and usually cage fighting was how we did it. It was the only way other than having the right blood gene to be able to be seen in both Sora and Old Americas.

I turn to look at Bas, who’s across from me. “See… you’re an animal and don’t you let anybody tell you otherwise, kid.” I smile saying, “I have my trainer to thank for that.” Bas rolls his eyes and says, “Yeah and the enhancement serum didn’t have anything to do with that?”

“Maybe, but I usually overlook that.” I chuckle out with a wink. Bas shakes his head giving a chuckle of his own. Then we’re silent and Bas regards me.

“I bet you aren’t going straight to the mansion, right?” He asks in a quiet voice as if the limo driver is overhearing us.

I’m silent, always cautious of whom I tell my information to; even if I have known Bas for all these years, I still can’t trust him. So all I do was smile at him softly. He nods and explains, “Just a question but it’s none of my business, Seren. I don’t own you.” He then looks out the window without another word and I know that I’m free to go without any conflict from him.

The limo stops by Bas’ nearly abandoned apartment complex that was located just on the outskirts of Relic City and when it does, I exit out of it. I pull out my bag and look in at Bas who still didn’t look over at me, but replies, “See you tomorrow, little girl.”

“Bye.” I say and the limo drives off to drop off my trainer. I on the other hand run into a bushed up area on the side of the complex. Once inside the bushes, I remove my sari skillfully from my body and take out from the bag my alternative outfit; a white turtleneck sweater dress to cover up my collar, a brown belt and brown knee high boots. For what I’m planning to do tonight, I need to be as comfortable as I can be.

After I slip on my second boot, I make a face as I feel my stomach lurching somewhat uncomfortably. I usually get that feeling after a serum high because that usually signaled the time to rest. But I can’t tonight because was too much to do and not enough time to do it.

I put my bag over my shoulder after I finished dressing and then ran out of the bushes and towards Relic City. My stamina is still good enough for me to run a couple of miles over to my favorite hangout spot so I waste no time getting there.

Shadow Cove was a unique kind of bar that thrived despite the darkness it gave off. The only main source of light there was the massive light behind the bar. Tables were lit with half level candles. Before I can walk in, I freeze and hide in an alley after seeing a pair of Cor Soldiers interrogating a defenseless woman.

“We’re not going to ask you again, wench. Where is your I.D. bracelet?” One asks harshly, advancing on the woman.

Her eyes are wide with fear and she cowers crying out, “Please…I left it at home on my dresser. If you would just let me go, I can go and put it on.”

The other soldier smiles an evil looking grin. “That bracelet shouldn’t even come off of your wrist, lady. You know what…You seem suspicious.”

“No. No. Please, I’m a mother of four children. I have no reason to do anything wrong. Please believe me.”

The bigger of the two soldiers gives a yank on the woman arms, bringing up to her feet saying, “Yeah, well you can plead your case in the council. Until then you can say goodbye to your so called children.”

The woman’s screams echo off the walls as the soldier then throws her over his shoulder. “No! No! Please! Please! I’m innocent!” The soldier silences her for a moment by slapping her on her ass. “Hell, maybe instead of the council, you can “cum” before me instead and plead your case.” I swallow my disgust and rage, gasping silently when I meet the insistent eyes of the woman as she’s gagged by the other soldier and then taken off; her screams muffled.

After they left, I creep out of my temporary hiding place and then walk to the bar. Shaking my head, I begin to feel ashamed of myself. A long time ago, I would have jumped up and helped that lady. But I know now that doing so, would put me in more trouble than I have time for. This time of my life has made me more selfish than I ever thought I would have to be.

These were dark times.

I walk quiet into the bar, hearing guitar music and seeing the stoutly bartender nod his head up at me. “Hey, Ser!” He yells out.

I smile and wave greeting, “Hey there, Mack!”

“You want the usual?”

I think about it, coming up to the bar; I usually had a Cosmo but my stomach lurches again and I shake my head, my decision easy. “No, I’m fine, sweetheart.”

“All right then. Let me know when you want something.”

“Will do.” I agree, as I wink at him. After a moment of silence, I glance from side to side and lean forward asking in a whisper, “Is he here?”

Mack nods and motions with his head to the corner. I turn around and head in that direction, not surprised to see two gleaming red eyes staring at me from the darkness. I just smile.

“Wow, you would think that I would be more frightened to see that.”

“You’d think, huh?” A deep voice calls from where the eyes were.

A lighter came on and lit the candle of the table. I then smirk at my best buddy.


“Hi, Serenity. Nice fight. The ending blow was epic.” He says, his red and black mohawk shimmering in the candle’s light.

“Mm…just everyday shit.”

AJ laughs. “If you say so, Prized Fighter.”

I began to laugh with him, then stop and freeze watching a group of Cor Soldiers stomping past us through the city streets. Then I think about what Julien had said and looked up at the clock seeing that it was 9:45. Julien is going to have my ass if my collar read past 10.

AJ notices how on edge I am and says, “Need me to turn it off?” I give a curt nod and he orders, “Come here.” I do so and straddle the chair beside him so that he could rewire my device.

I felt his hands reveal my collar from the safety within the turtleneck and then heard the whistling of his screw driver as he whipped it into his hand. Five quick minutes later, I heard the beeping of my collar diminish and let a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“There you go, lady.”

“Thank you, AJ. You’re a genius.”

“Yeah, well…Anything for you.” He replied with a grin.

I turn back around and then observe my friend. For about four years, AJ has been a unique person in my life. He’s different from everybody else in the fact that he doesn’t have a bracelet and doesn’t have one on purpose. AJ’s part of a very well known resistance group. Actually he isn’t just part of it; from what I hear…he’s the leader of it. As such he is always in hiding and never has gotten caught by any Cor Soldiers. It’s rare he’s out in public like this because he’s always so busy. But somehow, he always makes time for me and we never miss a meeting together.

“So…” I start.

He puts his hands together. “So?”

“How are things?”

AJ thinks about the question. “Things are progressing. We are trying to lay low for a little while; somebody nearly came upon our hideout the other day and we can’t risk it being found, you know.”

“Yes.” I knew all too well about not being found. AJ then leans back on his chair asking me, “How about you? Any closer to the amount you need?” I sadly shake my head. AJ’s talking about my Price of Freedom. Every slave has the right to buy his or her freedom, but with a catch. Each rank higher is a higher price and being that I’m the Prized Fighter of the Marciano House, my Freedom Price is damn near impossible to pay. But that doesn’t get me down; I manage to find a way to get money which is gambling. I have pretty good experience with it and have a good amount of money stored back at the mansion, but not nearly enough to free me.

AJ shrugs sympathetically; he knows he can’t help me. “I would help you get free Seren, but you are just too popular for you to just disappear out of nowhere. It would be too suspicious. We can’t risk that.”

I smile soft, putting my hand on his. “I know, sweetie. The last thing I want to do is to endanger your group. I’ll free myself one day.”

“I hope it’s sooner than later. I hate the fact that bastard is using you as his piggy bank.” AJ growls out, his anger unhidden. “Tell me about it. I just had to be the one who wanted to fight so badly to get free that I made it to that rank.” I say, giving my friend a dejected look.

“Sometimes you got to do what you got to do, Serenity. I don’t blame you for that.” AJ says and his hand grips mine to reassure me that everything was going to be all right.

“Thank you. I’m glad somebody understands that.”

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Letters from the Queen: Dear 18...

Dear Future Queen...

You are in high school still, but I want to take this time to give you some advice about your future. You are going to have to get on the ball and learn how to drive. Your parents can't do everything for you and you won't be able to drive until you are 30! Trust! So find someone who can help you drive or study up more than you have been. It's going to suck not being able to drive and relying on people to drive you everywhere.

Also, you need to start taking your medication for your depression. I know that you are worried that you aren't the same as everybody you go to school with. You're aren't. But that's ok! You have so much going on with your life that is positive that it doesn't matter how different you are. Your difference is your gift in life. Embrace it as much as you can.

All your senior year you have been wondering if you will be able to have a family with the man you are currently with. He's not the one...but there is a man who God will put into your life. He will sweep you off your feet, he will challenge you and he will be the one to give you the family you want so badly. My advice to you is: DON'T RUSH anything...let it flow and be happy together.

My is going to happen whether you like it or not. Death is going to keep happening whether you like it or not and you will be fine. It's going to hurt, but you are going to be able to go on in life. Just try to keep close with whatever family you have left and live your life happily. The people who are gone from your life would probably want you to do so.

In ending this letter to you...I want you to know that I'm proud of you. Proud that you are in your last year of high school and graduating. Proud that you are drug free, child free, sex free...meh, I won't go that far. LOL. But if nobody tells you that pride...then I'm happy to do so. Keep it up!

With all my 27 year old love,

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Writer Wednesday- America 2078

Soramerica- America 2078

America is not the same.


It's nowhere near the land of the free, home of the brave that you all remember. No, it hasn't been that way for a bunch of years now.

For that was when the population started dying out. Dying from an unknown illness. The illness was very potent as the bodies of the infected began to waste away at a rapid speed. No...not even wasted; more like melting away or disappearing. Who knew nowadays? It was hard to detect even under the microscope and so was named The Translucence.

It was definitely an epidemic spreading around worldwide and everywhere was chaos. The illness claimed a lot of lives and it changed every thing that America stood for once the President succumbed to it's path of death. Then the Vice President took over only to share a similar fate.

Riots enraged across the leaderless country. Didn't last long however as population waned by the day from the illness. We never seemed to catch a break until...

A man named James Corrigan and his group of scientists came into the picture, claiming to have a cure. Americans lined up to the man immediately claiming him as the new President of the United States. Nobody could go against them as most of the senate and the cabinet were gone. Corrigan seemed to be the man everybody loved and his scientists were impressively intelligent; showing plans of a floating city in the sky and what everybody was waiting for: the so called cure.

But there as a downside...

Only people with certain genes and blood types could have the cure. Americans were quite confused when they were told that; they believed that they would finally be free from the Translucence once and for all. The lead scientist, Professor Robert Gideon announced that the disease was protean: reacting differently to some forms of genes and blood and needed to be treated accordingly. He said they were currently working on a new cure. He said that 10 years ago however and there were still no change for the ones who didn't have the chosen genes or blood. It was suspicious to some...

It was clear that the floating city meant more to them than healing us and it was constructed and up in the air soon after the announcement. The so called city of the sky soon became a country all it's own that was called "Soramerica" It flourished; the chosen ones living lavishly up in the houses and mansions made on top of it.

The land of America itself died...

It was now a shell. A decaying shell filled with disease, famine and other nightmares. We all lost hope and wondered what would be next in store for our bad luck.

Corrigan didn't keep us waiting. He finally showed his true side to us, proclaiming that he was the key to life on Old America and that he was now the Emperor of both countries. There would be a new way of life and new rules. If you wanted to live, you had to abide by his rules-no matter what. Everybody below Soramerica was pretty much salvageable as the illness could take them at anytime. People now live in slums and struggled to live. Corrigan kept watch over us at all times with his formidable army; didn't want to have a mutiny on his hands. We all had id bracelets-hi tech bracelets that with anybody that had a scanner to read what family we belonged to, our general information and more important, if we had the Translucence.

Men were basically bums, even if they tried to make business...they could only make so much money as the Emperor wanted a gigantic tax from who ever had businesses. Children and teenagers still went to school but only learned whatever the Emperor's scholars wanted them to learn.

Women definitely were not respected any longer. They had a bad effect with the disease and died out more than men and children. As so, they were defined as worthless in peoples eyes. In order for them to survive, they had had to live by three different ways.

1. Some women in attempt to keep the population from going instinct, had sex with any kind of man to be pregnant and have children. The risk of STDs became much higher but it did keep our humanity alive.

2. Women were now seen as game and could be captured and collared. Most of them were captured and now used as sex slaves or just slaves period. Young girls were also captured but were used just as house slaves for either Old or Soramerica.

3. A new classification for females was made and with the recent approval from the sick minded Emperor Corrigan, women and girls were captured and made into brutal fighting machines. They were made to fight in streets and cages and were extremely valuable. They were formidable as long as they were injected with stamina serum that kept them fighting as long as it was working. It was not rare to seem them as part time sex slaves but it was not the norm.

So like I said...America is not what you remember, we are not free and we are not brave and it's not going to change anytime soon. I would know because I'm a fighter and have seen everything from the past 24 years.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Etsy Favorites

I have only gotten one purchase from Etsy and I have to say I was pretty amazed by the website when I bought Sofia's tutu for her birthday. So looking back when I felt I had some time, I felt giddy with excitement when I saw some of the items for sale there and instantly could think of ways those items could be used in my house or life. There isn't much, but I wanted to share with you all some of my faves!

via CustomShowerCurtains
I could use this for our master bathroom. Might mean the bathroom walls might be changed to a blue like the bedroom. Who knows? Maybe just a white color is fine.

via WinneDegin
I had something like this in mind for Sofia's bedroom. A tree with butterflies as leaves. I dunno...butterflies and Sofia go together for me. Not sure why, but it fits.

via MakeItStickDesigns
Now this! As many people there are in our families...this would excellent in remembering birthdays! If there are different styles of this I'd probably go a different route than the one pictured and put some names on the little circles below the months, but this is my favorite in the list.

Things are tight so I won't be buying these anytime in the future...but it's always nice to dream, right?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Celebrate Fort Worth with the Ortiz Familia

Today the Ortiz royal family was invited to go to a music and fireworks show in Downtown Fort Worth called Celebrate Fort Worth. My mom's best friend works for the city and was able to give us the details. So we packed up the heavy duty stroller for Sofia and headed out.

When we got there we were able to have a seat ground level on a blanket. It was quite a wait for the show to begin so we took some selfies to pass the time.

The show started a few moment afterwards and we were treated to a few concerts and songs. The best part about it all was the fact that fireworks went off as the music played. If anybody knows me then they know that I'm a huge fan of fireworks so this was right up my alley. Sofia was ok with them but she was really distracted with everything and every one around her. Maybe another time, huh Kidlet?
The whole experience made me proud of my city and my state. I can't see myself in a another one!

via Fort Worth Architecture by Brian Luenser, one of my fave photographers

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