Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Writer Wednesday- A Unique Way to Pick Up a Girl

Alaula-A Unique Way to Pick Up a Girl

Ana and Mason's attitudes were frustrating but easy to get over. I sighed, put my iPod headphones in my ears and started the walk from my car to my job. Ne-Yo flowed into my sense of hearing and I walked a pace that matched the beat of the music. People stopped what they were doing to watch me walk by. I didn't pay no mind; some people weren't used to seeing a Hispanic woman on Hawaii wearing dark blue coveralls, white tennis shoes and black work gloves. But you got to do what you got to do and sometimes you got to wear what you got to wear.

I rounded the corner smoothly and after seeing the sign for my job, crossed the street and headed into the garage. "Aloha, Lani." I heard my manager Chris call out. "Hey, Chris! Still haven't gotten that Mazda runnin'?"

"Nah, I knew it was special to you."

"Aw...thanks for caring, babe."

"Anything for you, beautiful."

I smiled happily and after clocking in, said my hellos to my co-workers, Dante, Evan and Joe. They waved and I got to work on my project-the 1997 Mazda RX-7 that somebody had brought up to me to fix up. It was beaten down and barely able to start; the result of a race gone bad. In other was perfect for me. A treasure even.

Immediately, I got to work, opening the hood so that I could begin fixing up the transmission. Working at The Otto Shop was pretty slow paced and fun. Even though I was the only girl surrounded by guys, they treated me like their own sister and there were times where they asked if I was really Hawaiian and not Mexican. Yeah, I was used it now; being born from a family of brothers. I was practically a tomboy with a sexy lady's curves. The guys never really noticed though and they were like my third family.

Toward 4:30, I began to feel the heat gathering in the garage, so after fixing some more in the transmission, I pulled my head out from under the hood and started to unbutton the first few buttons of my coveralls. Once that was done, I pulled the blue fabric down to my waist. Wearing my orange striped bikini underneath gave me the chance to feel the cooling Oahu wind on my sweaty skin. I loved the feeling and turned to feel more of the wind, closing my eyes and putting my long lengths of hair over my shoulder. When I opened my eyes again, I frowned seeing a guy standing with his back to me right outside the garage. Every now and again, he would look back over his own shoulder to look at me. I pursed my lips in annoyance; nothing I hated more than a shady character. I decided to nip this in the ass right away.

"Excuse me..." I called out to the chocolate brother.

He didn't say anything at first and I growled inwardly.


"Huh?" Oh, now he wanted to hear me?

I put my hands on my hips saying with authority, "I know you can see me and unless you got some kind of medical problem, I know you can hear me too!"

The man-no, bump that- the sexy man turned around and looked at me. "I...uh..." he started, scratching his head. I waited. "I have a car." I frowned, not immediately understanding. "So?" He kept going. "It's a Cadillac." I felt my anger ebbing a bit as I nodded. A Caddy. This was getting interesting. He then surprised me by rubbing his chest slowly. "It's all busted up. Cables falling out...all over."

The way he said it made it seem like he was advertising for a 70s porno. My eyebrows raised as I asked, "Are you seriously tryin to turn me on by telling me about your busted up car?"

The man gave me a gorgeous beaming smile as he asked sheepishly, "Did it work?" I gave a laugh. "Nah, not really. But you were cute tho."

"Well, you're beautiful."

I smiled big. "Now you're winning points." We both laughed. For a moment after in silence, the man came up to me with his hand extended. "I'm Kai by the way." I took his thin dark hand and shook it. "Lana, but people here just call me Lani." I took the time to look at his face and had a realization. "Kai, huh?" I started. "You that DJ, aren't you?"

Kai looked surprised that I even knew him. "Yeah, I work over at Hyperpill some nights." I reached down for a wench. "I usually go there with my friends. I've seen you doin yo' thang. You bad..."

Kai chuckled then put his hands up to his face, blowing on his nails in confidence. I laughed again, exclaiming, "Yeah, you kno you are, boy!" Kai put his hands behind his back. "I do what I got to do. I see you doing your thing with this car here. I wouldn't have thought you were a mechanic." I smirked, turning around and wiping my forehead as Kai continued, "Where did you learn to do all of that?" I noticed Kai's eyes drifting down my chest and ignored the sudden giddy sensation in my stomach.

"My dad taught me back in Cali. He has his own auto shop so he taught me everything about cars and motors when I was growing up."

Kai grinned. "That's what's up." He came closer and as I turned to work under the hood once more, he joined me, watching as I looked at the alternator. "So...what are your plans for tonight?"

My eyes met his and I answered, " I don't know. Depends on how work goes. My friends and I were going to come down to the club." Kai kept his huge grin but I held up my wench saying, "Only if I can fix some more of this car."

Kai held up his hands while he backed away from the car exclaiming, "Then it ain't nothing but a thang, Ma." I laughed as he then said, "I'll see you at the club." I gave a quick nod and he strolled off. I was feeling pretty inspired by Kai's words so I turned and looked at the engine before saying, "All right, baby...let's do this."

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