Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Writer Wednesday- Part of Alaula's Chapter 1

Alaula Chapter 1

Later, I walked inside the house, removing my shoes and holding them in my hand. Mason was laying on the couch listening to his iPod. "Hey, Hime." He greeted with a grin. Instead of returning his smile, I just glanced down at him and gave him a look of disgust before heading toward my bedroom.

Hearing shuffling behind me, I knew Mason was wondering why I was upset with him and was following me. "What? Did I forget to take out the recycling?" Rolling my eyes, I sighed and turned off a lamp that somebody had neglected to do earlier. "I don't know, did you?" I drawled out not really in the mood for Mason's dumb ass questions. After more about the house such as "Was it my day to cook?" I turned around and snapped. "No, Mason! It's the fact that you don't give Baylee the time of day! That's why I 'm pissed!"

Mason blinked in surprise then frowned this time and I stood my ground ready for whatever he was about to say; Mason was known for his nasty attitude and his sharp tongue. "What the fuck? Where the hell did that come from?" He leaned on his side against my doorway as I began to change clothes. "I glared back. "Bay told me that she asked if you wanted to join her in surfing this morning and declined her!"

Mason crossed his arms slowly and I could feel a powerful male aura radiating off of him. His voice was deep and to the point. "That's my damn choice if I remember correctly. I had stuff to do."

Slipping on a tank top and some surf shorts, I came out of my closet piercing Mase with my challenging gaze. "Like what? Working at Silver Smoke on your off day? Pfft. You were probably hanging on some girl who didn't want your ass." My words were harsh but I didn't care.

"Ana, please. Look at this." I turned from putting my clothes in the hamper. "Who?" Mason pointed at his famous six pack, rubbing it slowly. "Who wouldn't want this?"

I scowled at his arrogance. "I sure as hell don't for one and with an attitude like that, I'm surprised Baylee is even trying to spend time with you!" Mason paused the rubbing of his stomach as he absorbed my words. "Ouch, Ana! Why are you being such a bitch today?"

Taking no offense to the vulgar word he called me, I answered, "If I have to be one to defend one I care about then I will." Mason put his hands on the atrium of my doorway, hanging forward with a slight pout. "You know...I came first before Baylee."

I stared for a long while at my best friend; my mouth agape. "I really can't believe you just said that. What are you? Ten?" Mason chuckled. "Shit, I wish. Times were much more fun then and you better believe I said that because I'm not taking it back."

Sometimes, he was just unbelievable. I shook my head slowly muttering "You're a dumbass. You know that, right?"

Mason then smirked; the sexy smirk that usually made my blood run swift. "I'll be whatever you want me to be, Hime. If it will turn you on."

I rolled my eyes. "Ugh...gag me hard with that one, Mase. Dumbasses aren't really on my list of turn ons. Baylee may be the one coming after you, but at least she's showing some kind of interest."

Mason was silent for a while before he came slowly into my room. I watched his every step with an alert gaze until he was face to face with me and I looked up into his deep blue eyes.

"There was once a time where you showed interest in me as well."

I sighed and put a hand on my shoulder. "Yeah, there was, wasn't it? I wonder where that time went."

His hand came under my chin. "Now you only come on to me when you got a itch and a certain itch at that."

My cheeks flamed hot red in slight lust and embarrassment as Mason's hands then find their way to my bare hips. "You never minded scratching that itch, so why not?" I said, simply.

Mason stared deep into my eyes, pulling me against him and I knew what was coming next. "Does it need to be scratched now, my hime?" I thought about that question- Mason sure could scratch...but...

Gasping suddenly, I hit him lightly on his arm. "Hey! Don't you change the subject, Mason Zeller! I'm still upset with you!"

Mason pouted again and then grinned, gyrating his hips against mine. I tried to keep my emotions down hearing him say, "Aw...I'm sorry, baby girl. Come on, forgive me." He leaned down to kiss my neck, but I pushed his head back with my hand, exclaiming "Don't apologize to me! Apologize to Baylee. Do that and we'll see who's itch you'll be scratching."

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