Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Writer Wednesday- Alaula Prologue

Alaula Prologue

Water dripping from the sink prompted me to open my eyes. The sink was a lot farther away than my room but the whole house was a shack; brail thin walls let any sound come through. It was a shack like I said, and It was a sight for sore eyes but it was my home. I got up leisurely, stroking the head of my shadow colored puppy who was sprawled out on my bed. Diesel opened his eyes briefly but then slipped back into the seemingly unconscious state that he began with. I walked toward the front porch, draping a light pink blanket over my shoulders. It was a habit going to the porch and watching the sunrise. Hawaiian sunrises are the best.

As I came closer to the porch, I walked past Mason's room. I stopped and looked into his bedroom. It looked like his room spit up all of his clothes because they were everywhere. On his bed, on his floor, even a piece of his shirt was in his already dirty aquarium. Beer cans and bottles were all over. Shit, I could barely even see Mason. The only evidence that he was there was his long dusty blond ponytail and his lightly tanned foot sticking out of his dingy white blanket. I smiled and said, "Mase." He popped his head up and looked at me groggily.




He fell back onto his bed and I went into the living room. I looked around the corner and smiled. Lana was erasing something on a notebook and sighing, putting a few strands of her smooth black hair behind her ear. Her eyes were heavy and she yawned. I smirked with knowing. “Hey, were you up all night?” Lana looked up at me and nodded with another yawn. “Yeah…well, I slept a little bit but I still had to finish my thesis paper so I had to get up again.” I shook my head at her. “It’s the weekend, Lana. You’ll be able to sleep all Saturday and Sunday.” She scoffed and replied, “If I don’t have to go to work…” I nodded.

Hey, it happens.

Work sometimes gives us no mercy.

“Come on, sleepyhead. Sunrise.” Lana stood up and stretched. “Oh, shit.” She said, groggily. She followed me out to the porch as I said, “We’re not too late. Good.” “I’m so needing coffee after this.” I smiled. “I bet.” She leaned on the railing and stared off at the scenery. The sun wasn’t up yet, but you could see just the telltale sign of it; a twinge of pink tainting the sky. One thing I loved about our old shack…

It was located on a cliff like rock ledge looking straight off into the ocean.

Lana and I walked to where my car and her truck were and after pulling down Lana’s tailgate, sat and waited. We then heard feet shuffling and saw Mason, with eyes half closed walking to the truck with Diesel behind him. He hauled himself up on the truck. “Come on, pup.” I coaxed and Diesel jumped up as well. Then we stared. And stared. And stared some more. Then finally as gentle as a thread of silk, a golden orange dome started to lift up onto the horizon. It was beautiful as always and I held my breath just staring at it in awe. My friends weren’t as appreciative as I was.

“Well, that took about half an hour. Can you tell me why we always do this again?” Mason asked, slightly irritated.

Lana yawned for the fifth time and agreed, “Yeah, Anouhea. Why?”

I shook my head and stroked Diesel’s. They just didn’t get it. “Come on, guys. This is the only real peaceful time we have together. Savor it.” There was another 3 minutes of silence.

Lana finally smiled. I knew I could count on her to understand. Mason stroked his chin. He finally got it too.

“Okay.” Mason grumbled.

“Okay.” Lana softly replied.

I grinned and looked down at Diesel who wagged his little Labrador tail and licked my chin. Okay. I just knew that when that golden orb of sunlight finally appeared, the chaos of business which was known as our lives started right then and there. Just knowing that I had just this time to think about the good things and be able to share it with my friends was enough to get up every morning at 6:30 to see the phenomenon that brought it. During this time…life had no meaning. It was awesome.

Damn, Hawaiian sunrises are the best.

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