Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family Member Profile- Ehren

Name: Ehren Dmitri
Crew of Funkadelics Name: Yin Yang
Birthdate: February 2, 1993
Relation: Cousin (however not blood related)

Occupation: Airman

Likes: video games, computer design, burgers, pizza, pasta, the color red, the color black, old model muscle cars, wolves/werewolves

Dislikes: drama, heights, cats, broccoli

Something Ehren Accomplished: Accepted into the Navy military branch

This guy right, so much could be said...that's how much he means to me. For the majority of my teenage life, Ehren or Boo Bear as I call him has been my best friend; the person to fill the hole that my brother was supposed to be in.

I have been a part of his life since he was three or maybe even younger than that. I really didn't pay too much attention to him then-me being a kid myself, but when he turned five, I started getting closer to him and saw him a part of my family.

Boo is intelligent (very much so) but he's so cocky it can make any body's head spin. He has a "don't give a damn" attitude that he puts off in the beginning. I know to some people it can take some getting used to, but I know better. I know where that front comes from; it comes from years and years of trying to prove himself to people. To show that he's somebody. He knows that from me he is and will always be somebody and I know the same from him. He's a big teddy bear on the inside, but you have to know him a while before you see that side of him. Just take him in and go with the flow.

Ehren was a part of my family's talent show for a long while and was a huge part of our dance group the Crew of Funkadelics as Yin Yang. He has a great dance talent and when he was in the shows, loved to show it off. Things have changed a bit and it saddens me greatly that he doesn't really dance much anymore. But I'll always remember when he did.

He lived in Texas mostly all his life until he turned about 15 then he decided to live with his mother in Tennessee. I barely saw him after that and couldn't wait to see him again. I finally did when he had already graduated and was starting to go into the military. He is a sailor in the navy and I'm so very proud of him. Everybody should have a chance to make a start on their lives and he did so.

He's a great brother to his sisters, Amber and Jessica even though years ago, you wouldn't have known it. They were always bugging each other. He has a good relationship with his father Louis and my dad as well. I'm not sure about how his life is in Virginia now, but I'm sure he's a great friend with whoever he hangs with too.

I know that things will only get better for this guy...the sky's the limit for him and I'll be looking out for him every chance that I can.

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