Sunday, May 12, 2013

Boo Bear's Visit

Ehren came down to Texas to visit and as his family situation wasn't the best at the time, he stayed over at my house for the week. I was stoked! Ehren and I have always been close growing up; I've been in his life since he was about 2-3 and as he grew up, I saw him as the brother I was supposed to have and likewise for him because his sis was living in TN at the time. After he moved to TN with his mom and sister, I was so sad, but I was happy for him too because he was starting to live a life he wanted for once.

He loved Sofia and she was like his shadow, following him everywhere. We took him to Kim's house where we did some candid shots with Kearrah and M'Kya. I was trying so hard not to laugh at their expressions and you can see it in my face.


Me and my Boo Bear

Those crazy eyes...


Blowing up cheeks

Kiss kiss!

Ghetto faces

Mean mugging

Mor mean mugging

Puppy faces- (what's with the paws back there?)
Mother's day came around while he was still here and we all went to IHOP to celebrate. While there I was able to get some good pictures of Ehren, Sofia and Mom. They are all such hams!

I was a bit sad that Boo Bear had to leave, but I knew that he knew that if he ever needed to stay at my house again that he was always welcome to do so.

Check out Ehren's Family Member Profile!

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