Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Writer's Wednesday- The First Meeting

The First Meeting: Ty and Carrie

The energy was high in the bar and grill that Carrie Simmons was sitting in with her sisters, Dyana and Alexandra. It wasn't everyday that they were all off at the same time and they wanted to celebrate; however small the celebration was. Xandra smiled as she let out a puff of smoke from her cigarette to which her sisters waved away in disgust.

Dy looked at her twin sister; who she thought with her dark chocolate complexion and smooth long midnight hair was too beautiful to be a smoker. But tell that to the nicotine...

"I thought you were going to quit, Xan. What's up?"

Xandra shook her head, staring at the seemingly harmless yet deadly object between her fingers then gave her twin a pointed look. "Look, Dy...I got too much shit happening in my life to be hearing you harp on about my smoking."

"Like what? Your husband?"

Xandra was silent as Dy continued. "That bastard may be rich sis, but he ain't never got the time of day for you and you know why?"

"Don't! Don't. I don't want to hear it."

Dy shook her head as well as Carrie who was pretty much watching the show. She and a lot of others knew that her sister's husband was definitely not being faithful where his wife was concerned. However, Xandra...loving the lavish life didn't want to be believe it, hence she would have no choice but to leave. Carrie didn't care too much about her sister's love life but she did care for her health.

"Papa would have hated to see you smoking, sis."

"Hell, and Papa would have hated to see you still not married, Caroline! Why you all in my business?!" Xandra snapped.

Carrie sighed and rolled her eyes, moving a strand of her light brown curls out of her face. Despite being annoyed with the comment, it struck her true right in the gut when said.

"Well, I just haven't found the perfect man like you have, Alexandra!" Carrie shot back.

The sisters glared until Dyana replied "Oh come on, children...that's enough. Damn, Xandra. Slow your role, ok?"

Xandra sighed putting out her cigarette. "Yeah ok. I'm sorry. Just stressed out."

Dy chuckled "Yeah sure whatever. Now eat your damn spinach dip."

Xandra and Dy laughed as she pushed Dy to the side. Carrie grinned at both as they started babbling and took her time looking around the bar. Everybody and their mamas were here it seemed and as Carrie moved her view to the dartboards, she nearly gasped seeing a man staring right at her. She stared back, immediately frozen in place. The guy was gorgeous in her opinion. Definitely not one her sisters would pick but she definitely would. Standing with his foot on a chair; dressed in a western shirt and jeans, Carrie brought her eyes up to his face again. A face that just screamed kiss me with dark brown hair and deep green eyes. A quick glance to the hand let her know with relief that he was single. As he winked at her, she blushed and looked away with a smile before looking out the corner of her eye at him once again.

Tyler Moreland grinned at the beautiful woman, trying her best to not look at him but couldn't help but do so. He had been staring at her ever since he heard the raises voices of the group and had turned to watch. These Georgia women were quite outgoing he noticed all except for the one with the beautiful smile who seemed to be content to just watch at first but when she got angry, he could feel the flames from across the room.


Ty smirked at the woman's playfulness...


Ty looked down at a dart his friend was giving him "Your turn, mate." Ty shook his head and spoke; his smooth Australian accent very prominent as he did.

"Go on without me...I got a drink to buy."

With that the game kept going as Ty headed to the bar telling the bartender exactly what to do with the drink.

Carrie let out a light giggle and then looked up with surprise at her sisters' expressions.


Dyana looked side to side quickly "what you laughing at, Boo?"

"Nothing." Carrie shrugged taking a bite out of her french fry.

Xandra raised an disbelieving eyebrow "Mmhmm."

"Really, I..."

Carrie's words froze as another apple martini was brought to her. Grasping the waiter's arms she told him that it wasn't ordered by her.

"Yes, ma'am I know. That gentleman right there bought it for you."

All three sisters followed the waiter's gaze to where Ty stood leaning against the bar waving.

Carrie smiled and chuckled and this didn't go unnoticed by the sisters.

" like that white boy?" Xandra was somewhat disgusted and Dyana just looked confused.

"I've never met him."


"But I'd like to..."

Carrie picked up her glass and stood up "Be right back ladies." she replied.

Dy and Xandra tried to stop her but it was too late as she was already swaying her way towards him; curls bouncing everywhere.

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