Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Writer Wednesday: Part of Abandoned Hearts Chapter 1

Destined Hearts Chapter 1- The Simple Life

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A couple weeks passed by and my dad decided that he and Mom were going to finally show Legacy in California. They were both so excited and I was excited for them. Uncle Thomas agreed to watch everything and me while they were gone and I promised to take care of the horses and Uncle Thomas. We watched as Mom and Dad got ready to leave. “Hey! Hey, come on! Legacy, the sooner we can leave, the sooner we will get there.” My dad persuaded, leading the feisty Appaloosa mare into the silver horse trailer. She was anxious and didn’t like being away from her foal. In the chaos of getting his mother ready for the show, I hadn’t gotten to name him still. I made a note to name him as soon as possible. I looked up; the name “STAR OF LEGACY” was graved into the top of the trailer, gleaming in the sunlight. My dad closed the trailer locking it up tight. “All right, Legacy is settled in but she’s not happy. Are you ready to leave, Carrie? Or are still packing your luggage full of make up?”

I looked back over my shoulder with a amused grin as my mother came out with the rest of her bags giving them to a helpful Uncle Tommy saying, “Very funny, Sweetheart. No, not yet and you aren’t either.” At my father’s confused look she motioned towards me saying, “We still didn’t get to say goodbye to our fire spark yet.” “Oh my goodness! How could I forget such an important thing to do?” Dad strolled over to me and my uncle. I smiled and as he hugged Uncle Tommy close and said quietly, “Take care of my little girl, little brother.” Uncle Thomas nodded and replied, “You got it, Ty.” Then my dad’s dark green eyes gazed into my own. “The ranch is yours now, Phoenix. Take care of it.” I admired the trust and sincerity inside of his eyes. “I will, Dad. Don’t worry about a thing.” My dad nodded and held me tight saying, “My fire girl.” I smiled inwardly at one of the many nicknames he lovingly bestowed upon me and then moved into my mother’s arms.

Phoenix.” My mother said, quietly as she held me. I moved into the hug but frowned slightly feeling a difference. This hug was warm as always but tighter as if letting go would be a fatal mistake. I held her tight too not wanting to let her go just yet. Then after we hugged, my mother stared at me, her luminous hair softly blowing in the light breeze as she said, “I love you, Firebird. Don’t ever change cause I wouldn’t wish for another child.” Deep love poured into my heart and I declared, “I love you too, Mom.” Mom smiled at me one last time as my dad’s microphone like voice rang out. “Come on, Carrie! Let’s get a move on!” “Ok, Tyler! Keep your pants on!” Mom shook her head with a sigh, kissed my face and whispered, “Bye, baby. Wish me luck.” I nodded and Mom went to the truck yelling, “Bye, Tommy!” “Bye!” We both yelled back. My uncle and I both stood there watching the truck and the trailer roll out of sight as it did, I smirked knowing that Legacy would win first place and things would always be right in our lives……

I couldn’t have been more WRONG.

Ooh, cruel cruel foreshadowing...

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