Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Writer Wednesday- Part of Abandoned Hearts Chapter 2

Abandoned Hearts Chapter 2: Lightning and Rain

It was early afternoon, about 3 and I was saddened to see almost no cars coming down this roadway. A quick pain went through my head and I took a gasp, cradling my cut again. I didn't know much about medical stuff, but I knew somebody had to help me with my injury and quick. I crossed the street looking at the somewhat barren landscape and started walking, hoping somebody would help me out. It was kind of weird to me how it was raining in the desert. Maybe it needed it more than I thought. My vision got blurry from time to time but I ignored it searching for the city I should have found earlier for my mother.

 After while or so, I could feel my legs just giving out on me and I threw my bag down next to a rugged like gatepost, collapsing next to it. Rainwater just poured in every opening I had available and I shivered, feeling strangely cold. My pounding head wasn’t helping matters much so I gave up on getting help anytime soon and opted for sleep. Leaning against the gatepost, my eyes slowly closed. I didn’t know how much time had past with me sitting by the road and I didn’t really care. I couldn’t feel the cold, or the rain, or even hear the few cars driving past me. I was just oblivious to anything and through my sleep could feel myself seeping into a dark abyss.

Suddenly a soft warm hand shook me awake and when I opened my eyes, I could have sworn I saw my mother smiling down at me. “Hey, Sweetie. Let’s get you out of the rain.” I frowned. She couldn’t be alive still because I just buried her. “Mom, how did you get out of there? Are you okay now?” I asked in wonder.

“I’m not your mother, baby.”

I blinked and instead of my mother being there in front of me, an African-American woman with dark curly brown hair and light brown eyes stood with a worried expression on her face. It was a illusion of my mother before. When the woman realized that I had awakened, she grinned with relief.

“Are you all right, sweetheart? I saw you on the side of the road and saw the smoke coming from down below.” I blinked again not understanding.

“Are you all right? Are you hurt?” she asked again.
I just stared. My sub consciousness was leaving me and I couldn’t seem find words to talk.

The woman turned and yelled, “Honey! Bring a blanket from the truck and hurry!” I looked up slowly, vaguely recognizing the sound of a horse whinnying far from here. About 5 minutes later, a man came jogging up with a blanket in his hands. “That car is wasted, honey and it’s a miracle that he even got out of there.” Guess I didn't walk as far as I thought I did.  I then suddenly felt a blanket being wrapped around me and I shivered as my body tried to decide if it wanted to be warm or cold. The woman’s soft voice flowed through my ears. “Here you go, baby. What’s your name?”

“My name…my name…name…” I felt myself drifting out, but was roughly shaken awake once again.

“Wake up, young man! Don’t go to sleep again.” The man’s rough voice ordered.


My eyes gazed into those of the man. Dark forest green eyes that I could not tear my sight from. He started rubbing my blanket to warm me and soon I could feel myself finally awakening inside. I blinked again and asked, “What did you ask me again?”

“My wife asked you what your name was. You were kind of out of it a moment ago. Can you do that for me now?”

“Yes, sir. I think I can. Chaison. My name is Chaison Kincannon.”

“Chaison. That’s a very unique name. I like it.”

The man smiled wide in approval and his eyes glittered with happiness like emeralds in a treasure chest. He was so strong and I could feel hope just radiating off of him. I admired him from the beginning.

“What’s your name, sir? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“The name’s Tyler. Tyler Moreland. But you can call me Ty, Chaison.”

I grinned this time, feeling a warmness not coming from the blanket but from inside my heart. Ty was a awesome man and I wanted to get to know him better.

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