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Writer Wednesday- Part of Abandoned Hearts Chapter 3

Destined Hearts Chapter 3: The Abyss

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A hand brought me back to reality and I looked up into Mic’s baby blues.  “Phoenix? Are you ok?” she asked, genuinely feeling something was up. I sighed and turned to tell her how I was feeling then noticed the barn door opening.  It was Uncle Thomas. We both started to smile at him and my smile ended seeing the urgency in his dark brown eyes. Something was wrong…really wrong. He was breathing heard as if he had run over here from the barn or something. Mic looked over at me and him from time to time feeling the tension as well.  I watched as my uncle came up to me and slowly took my hands in his gentle grip. I was beyond confused.

“Uncle Thomas?”


I shook my head, trying to understand. My uncle looked so strangely shaken up. He swallowed hard and I could feel my heart thump wildly in fear.

“Uncle Thomas, what’s the matter?”

Phoenix, I’m so sorry.”

Comprehension was far from me at this moment. Sorry about what? “What? What’s happened?” I asked quietly, trying to keep calm and not really wanting to know the answer. I quickly ruled out that it was my parents. “What’s wrong with them? Is it Mom? Is it Dad? What?” At the mention of them, sudden tears came to Uncle Tommy’s eyes and that alone sent a wave of sheer cold over me. “Please tell me!” He cleared his throat. “Um, Phoenix…there was an accident.” I shook my head once more, trying to understand, but trying not to.

“A…accident? Who?”

Mic stood, looking back and forth with just as much uncertainty as I did. She loved my parents. “There as a accident on the way back….in California. Your parents…they didn’t survive it.”

Air rushed out of my lungs and my brain exploded.

Mickey’s gasp passed my ears, but I didn’t hear a thing as I stared in my uncle’s eyes in complete silence. He stared back sadly. “Legacy didn’t make it either. They’re…They’re gone, sweetheart.” He said the last part in a chocked up voice and looked down at the ground.

I was in a abyss. It was so dark….pitch black…

I panted as the words went over and over in my head. ‘Somebody died…” I kept telling myself in a numb tone keeping myself on my feet somehow. ‘Somebody….who again?’  I could have sworn I heard it was my parents. ‘No…no way.’ I glanced up at my uncle again whose tears were my answer. I backed up calmly, shaking and glancing over at Mic.

“Firebird…” she whispered reaching over to touch me. I backed away from her ; touch would make this too real. The stall door met my back and knowing I had nowhere to go, I slid down to the dusty barn floor. My eyes were wide as finally the reality hit me. “My parents…my mom and dad…are gone.” I said softly.  My uncle and best friend just stared down at me as if they didn’t know what to do next. “Yes, baby.” Uncle Tommy said. I nodded and put my head on my drawn up knees. The pain was too much and I let a muffled scream out into my jeans. “No!”

Michaela was at my side in the next second, wrapping her arms around me. I sobbed and screamed; screamed and sobbed. “They’re gone! They’re gone! No!” I could hear Mic crying in my ears and then felt a pair of larger hands grab a hold of my back and legs. I knew that my uncle had pulled me into his lap and as his arms wrapped around my back, put my own around his neck.  I stared up at him with stunned eyes-streams of tears running down my cheeks.

“They can’t be gone! Cause if they are...I'm all by myself! They didn’t leave me alone, did they? They didn’t leave me alone! I’m alone!”

“No! I got you, baby. I’m not going anywhere.”

I sobbed against his shirt, the action moving us both. Mic sobbed to herself next to us

“My mom…oh…my dad…”

“Shhh…I know…I got you.” My uncles voice was comforting as was his hand stroking my head, but it didn’t heal my heart.

At this moment, I didn’t think anything would. The abyss had me.

I know...I's a sad part but sometimes the most heart wrenching part of a story is the one part that draws you in the most.

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