Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Full Weekend

So there are times where we have boring weekends and then there are the NOT so boring ones. This happened to be a not so boring one. On Saturday morning, Kim called me and told me that she and Kearrah were coming over. It was a good meeting and ended up with Kearrah asking to spend the night with us. We agreed she could stay and my aunt agreed to take Sofia for the rest of the day while Angel and I went shopping for groceries. It was so quiet when she left (Sofia is known for being loud). So quiet that Mommy and Daddy decided to have some hot time for themselves before going shopping. It was a good time for us to reconnect. I give great thanks for my aunt watching her that day.

They came back and brought Kearrah and her two backpacks full of toys. Which was good cause all we had were Sofia's baby toys. KeKe would have deadly bored. But while she was there I cooked her some corny dogs and chips. Then I taught her how to play Lego Harry Potter. She loved it. She went back and forth between watching cartoons and playing computer and playing the video game. She had fun. Sofia on the other hand, was a grumpypuss because she didn't get the naps she needed. Needless to say, she fell asleep fast at bedtime.

Today, Kearrah woke up early like at 7...and for some reason I did too. We cleaned and then I made a grand breakfast for our little guest: scrambled eggs with cheese, chicken fajita strips, fruit and the best part- cinnamon rolls with caramel icing. was so good and it was so nice to have a full dining room table. It then occurred to me that this is how it's going to be whenever we have baby #2. Sofia helping me with breakfast while Angel is watching the baby. It was a nice thought. But I don't see myself preggers anytime soon. Still a handful with this one here!

Then after Kearrah went home, my dad came over with two other little kids and made us a good dinner of smothered beef and rice. It was something I hadn't eaten in a long long time and it was good as usual. We connected a bit more with Dad after dinner he took his leave to put the kids to bed. I thought that our weekend was through. Nope.

Now Angel's parents are here visiting. I'm now officially exhausted. But happy...we need more weekends like this one.

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