Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sofia's First Easter

Easter had always been a favorite holiday for me as a child. All of the colored eggs and the candy, the Easter parade and egg hunts. It's was just a fun fun time. Nowadays, it's worn off it's welcome for me, but that doesn't mean I can't make it fun for Sofia. Today was her first Easter ever and you know her mommy had her looking beautiful. We went to Kim's house to get ready to go to a church service. It was my first church service I have been to in several months.

Then afterwards Sofia, Juan and I went to the in-laws to have some barbecue. My husband and his family go through lent so this was the day they were able to eat red meat finally. When it's that day, they go out in style with great fajita meat and chicken. Sofia had a whole piece of meat to herself. What a carnivore that one is! We just laughed at her and had a ball watching her and my father in law play tug of war with the meat. While we didn't get to do a egg hunt with her, she did have an Easter basket from Bianca and myself. I was happy the day went well and I can't wait for next year's Easter either!

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