Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life Right Now...

Today was the same as always, I stayed at home with my little one. It's amazing to me how big she is getting. She is starting to get her own little personality too. She's so loud! Which is so strange to me and her daddy cause we are both really quiet people. Sofia will also shake her head no whenever we are telling her no. Uh oh...no bueno. Hopefully this is not a start of her telling us no constantly. I have a feeling I won't like that very much.

I'm still not working yet and to tell the truth, not really in a hurry to find a job. Not that I want to be lazy I just like spending the day with Sofia right now. Even though she can be a bit clingy, I wouldn't trade my place for the world. I love her little hugs and her kisses and her ability to make me laugh even though she doesn't even know what she's doing to make me laugh. Maybe when she's little bit older I'll start really really searching.

Juan is searching for jobs as well. More along what he's doing now which is transporting in a van. It's a good job right now, but it has sucky pay so he's wanting something different. I support him on most of the jobs he's doing but the one I'm iffy about is the armored van driver he keeps applying for. That's just a little too dangerous in my mind. But I'm a worrywart so that's a given.

I have a feeling everything will come into place. The fact that we have our house gives me faith enough.

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