Saturday, March 30, 2013

Girls Night Out

Ever so often the women in my family pick a night to do Girls Night Out. We'll go and eat dinner and then do something fun afterwards like bowling for example. This time we went to Risky's to eat and do karaoke. I was so hungry so I ordered a huge platter of catfish with sides! Ain't no shame in my game when it comes to eating. My mom didn't eat much; she just kind of shared off of everybody's plate, but I'm glad she was able to eat something.

After we ate our fill, it was time to sing! I really didn't want to sing something at first; as I have been finding that my voice has been really weak lately, but soon I picked a Christina Aguilera song and just tried my best.

My best...was HORRIBLE. I was so off key and my notes were scratchy sounding. Blegh...never again. But despite that. I had a lot of fun with my family. Doing this with them kind of makes me want to do my own with Bianca and Karina.

Me and Mom looking great

Me and Grandmother

Me, Kim and Carla (Sorry for cutting you off, Kimmy!)

Me, Aunt Janet and Lori

Mom, me and Joni

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