Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wish of Whimsy

If I had one whimsical wish, what would it be?

I wish that I had a chance to go into a time machine to what ever time I wished whenever I wished. I know, what a cliché wish, right? That's something everybody would want to do. But it still stands with me. With a time machine, I could go back in time so I could see how the world really was made or to see dinosaurs. The leaf eating ones cause I'm too anxious to be caught up with some carnivore and my trip would be cut short.

Maybe after that I would like to see some ancient civilizations- Native Americans, ancient Egypt, Greece or Japan. Once I had my fill with that wisdom then I would go to different eras to see the good and bad in all of them. This girl right here would go straight to the 70s! Bellbottoms, afros, platforms, rollerskating and night club dancing? I'm there! Maybe I would even sneak and see how my parents grew up! I could see from an adult view how wonderfully my mother took care of me when I was born. So I could see how she did it all, and made me into the woman I am today. There is just so much I could do and see with a time machine.

What would be your whimsical wish?

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