Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Time!

While I'm not really a football person, all of my life my family has always gathered around the television for the Super Bowl. Some of us for the game itself and others for the chance to see what super bowl commercials are there to make us laugh.

This year was no different and we had a little Super Bowl party/get together at our house. My aunt, grandmother and cousin came over when it started and my dad joined us a little later. I was happy as I love having family over to hang out. Sofia was just happy to see everybody and she got to spend some time with her granddad. They really need to catch up on time.

The game was good and so were the commercials then half time came in and guess who was performing? BEYONCE! Woo! That girl was on fire!

Dancing more than two songs and also bringing in a Destiny's Child reunion. That's what I was more excited about. They really brought it for this years half time. Twas really grand...

Probably a little too grand. Because right when the game started up again, the power went out in the whole stadium. My family and I were like "what just happened?" then we started laughing saying, "Damn, Beyonce! You took all the power, girl!" Those poor players were probably cussing up a storm.

But anyway, the whole experience that night was great and I hope for many more Super Bowl parties at my house. Maybe one grand enough to turn the power off?


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