Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Month of Instagram- February 2013

Only the best beer for her Papi, Sofia says

Crinkle faced baby!

Sofia's first Super Bowl Party!

Me in my beginning makeup stage

Sofia's first selfie with Papi

Thowback picture with me and my sister, Alisha

Nom Noms on...a weight?

Love my hubby's eye color in this picture.

On the way to go shopping! Sofia is a glasses

All smiles at The Home Depot

Papi and Mija looking at the rain outside.

Mommy and Soi

That hat tho...

Sofi getting some one on one time with Love.

Love the Smooth Criminal look, Boo Baby.

My plate after the fish fry at the in-laws

Sofia with her Tia Bianca

Blurry pouty face

Not bad for the first picture of the hubs with my
new iphone.

Papi and Sofi time at Esperanza's

Jaylen spending time with Sofia for the first time.

Hair is permed and styled!

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