Thursday, January 31, 2013

El Rey's 28th Birthday Party

My hubby turned 28 today! So we celebrated with a nice birthday party with friends and family. Juan had a great time partying and drinking his favorite beers. We also got him a very tasty tres leche cake (which is his favorite) and he loved it. Happy birthday, my king. I hope for many others that are just as great!

Such a blurry pic, but full of love

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tour of the Ortiz Castle

I realize that since I've moved into my house, I haven't posted any pictures of the inside of it. There's not much and I didn't put any pictures of our bedroom. (It's in desperate need of paint work...) But as time goes on, there will be more things to make our home homey.

Sofia's room. Not much but cute as a button anyway...

Living room. That huge television came with the buying of the house

Dining room

Kitchen. It's small but food gets cooked. That's all that matters.

A Month of Instagram- January 2013

Ruben and I are the best of in law buddies

Lub my wifey (woah, this pic is blurry!)

Me and Bianca at her cousin's quince


Me and my love.

Just me

I fiesta hard, yo!

Just being pretty

The king and his brother on their phones

So many varieties of masks

Bianca dancing away

Mariachi band

The Mariachi ladies

Bianca and her cousin dancing. They were and
always are awesome at it.
You know...because eating is so very hard.
Sofia spending time with her Abuelito 
Sofia with her Granddad

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Papi's Little Girl

I look at some of the pictures from this month and I just can't help but giggle. Sofia is growing so big and getting so smart, but one thing that doesn't change is how close she is with her papi. They are usually side by side playing or watching tv or sleeping. Juan is such a caring father and man, is this girl wrapping him around her finger or what? Here are some of the pictures that I captured of them together.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reunion With My Father

Today was a huge change in my life. For the past year and two months, I haven't talked to or seen my dad. We had a huge rift after I got married to Juan because he wasn't there when I needed him to be. My dad has always been an in and out kind of dad. Here at some moments, not here at others. But in my opinion, my wedding was one day where he definitely should have been there and did anything he could to stay. But it was what it was and he missed out on a lot of new moments because of it. He didn't get to see me in the later stages of my pregnancy. He didn't see Sofia after she was born, though I did let her go and see him at his house. He didn't get to see our new house or help us move in. We didn't have chats and I didn't go and visit him. I totally tried to black him out and go on with my life. I had my husband and daughter to think about.

Even though...I still had that hurt of missing my dad. So one day, when he just called to relay a message to me, I just told him that I was ready to see him and start over. So we arranged for him to come and he got to see me and see how big Sofia was getting. Do I feel like things are going to be the same? No, because he never really changes. Do I feel like things will be ok? Sure. We can only go forward and try to make the best of what we have. I do love my father and no matter where our life takes us, that will never change. This is a good start I think.

La Princesa || Month Eight

Friday, January 25, 2013

Night at a Quinceañera

Tonight Juan and I were invited to the Quinceañera of one of Bianca's cousins. I had never really been to one before and so it was exciting to be able to take part of it. We left Sofia at Juan's parents house and then all dressed up, we went to have some fun. Not only was it a party it was a masquerade at that! We wore cute masks at the table while we ate. Afterwards we danced on the dance floor and watched the star of the party get her things and do her dances with her friends. It was a great time and I was happy I got to spend it with my husband and his family.

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