Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nearly A New Year!!!

The Talent Show once again was an success! What made it even better was that my cousin Jodi and her daughter Hannah came down from England to be in it. Jodi is one of my favorite cousins so I was pretty excited to see her. After Christmas, we got some pictures done with our whole family. They came out pretty good I think.

Me. I clean up pretty good huh?

My immediate family (l to r): Audia, Kearrah me, Juan, Sofia
Grandmother, Kim, Mom and M'Kya

Sofia looking pretty all by herself

My grandmother with her grandchildren and great grandchildren

Jodi and Sofi

Me and Jodi (love this girl!)

About time we got a picture together...

Me and Kalyn

Me and Courtney

Me and Mommy

Sofia and her G.J.

All of the ladies in my family.

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