Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's That time!

I love Thanksgiving! Mostly because of the good food, but also because it means it's time to put up the Christmas tree! Juan and I didn't get to put one up last year because we were living with his parents but this year, we got to bring out the ornaments again! But guess who was a part of of the festivities this year as well?

The Little Miss!

Sofia first judges the ornament

She loves it.

She wasn't too happy with the tree though...

She thinks maybe if I come down here it will be better.

Nope...not better.

Still doesn't feel better either.

Hey Boo!

Kisses from Papi!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sofia's First Thanksgiving

Washing up for Thanksgiving Dinner! What a hairstyle.

Sofia loved her peas and turkey.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

We Made It to a Year!

Today is our first year anniversary! My hubby made me very happy by getting me a new wedding ring because I hadn't been able to wear one and the one I had before was making a green ring around my finger. After I got my new ring, we went out to eat.

I'm happy that we made it this far. Everybody says that the first year is the hardest. It was hard, but we got through it and I'm hoping we can go even further in our journey of marriage together.

Us-Today and Forever...

My new ring. (OMG...please excuse my horrible nail
polish job)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today in Pictures

Sofia's First Halloween

Our first Halloween here at the house! You know Sofia was a cutie pie for us! I found this really cute outfit for her at Wal-Mart.

After she posed for a few cute pre Halloween night pictures, my mom gave her a Reeses wrapper to play with resulting in these cute pics:

Finally when the Trick or Treaters came that night, taking the gummies and chocolate that we had in our bowl, Sofia didn't understand that we were supposed to share and tried to keep the bowl to herself. That silly girl...

All in all though...she had a good time as did we. So many cute little costumes and we were amazed at how many families were there in our neighborhood. I'm so glad we picked it. It's going to be a great place for Sofia to grow up in.

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