Friday, August 3, 2012

The Queen has Gallstones! Call the Royal Doctor!

So I  got some information regarding my "hernia" that the nurse practitioner said that I had. Turns out it's not one. It's just my stomach muscles have separated. I also have gallstones. Ugh. It's always something when it comes to me. I'm not too fond of getting my gallbladder removed; I really haven't been feeling too bad from it. In fact I had no idea about it until it was told to me. What a surprise! I'm going to see what I can do to make them a little softer. I read something about a home remedy for it. I'll see if that works and then go from there. As for the muscles, I'm going to find some exercises for that. Look...I just don't have the money for surgery. It's bad enough that I owe money for Sofia's delivery and for the OB's office. We'll see what we can do.

On a positive note, Soi and I are going to be participating in The Big Latch On on Saturday! I'm so excited because I've never been in a event for something that I feel strongly about. If you ladies that breastfeed want to know more about it, here's the link:

I'll try to get pictures of it too, but if I go by myself, it might not be possible. Sorry if not. Maybe one of my girl cousins will come along and take some. We'll see. Next Friday, Angel, Sofia and I are possibly going to a Rangers game. If so, stay tuned for pictures of that! I'm eager for this game; Sofia has her own little outfit for representing those boys.

One thing is for sure: we'll be busy and that's okay with me!

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